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PetsPalo.com is open for guest posts, sponsored post – and by submitting a guest or sponsored post you could gain inbound links, exposure, and relevant readers via organic traffic.

About Us: PetsPalo.com has been with the intention of covering the Pets industry with in-depth and actionable guides, tips, trends, and insights – plus analysis, problems, and solutions related to Dogs, Cats and other adorable Pets.

Requirements for Guest Posts on PetsPalo.com

  • Minimum 500 words per post.
  • Do-follow links is allowed in the post and please contact us for details and terms. Content should not be “spammy” though.
  • Relevant in-post links can be allowed, but not too many.
  • The article must be exclusive for PetsPalo.com and is not to be posted elsewhere.
  • Affiliate links might be allowed, as “no-follow” links, but not for products/services already being advertised on PetsPalo.com (again, not too many in-post links, please).
  • All articles are subject to approval by PetsPalo.com and in case it is rejected, you will be notified so you can use the article elsewhere if you like.
  • If any changes are required to the article, either by you or PetsPalo.com, you will be notified before we publish it.

How to Submit a Guest Post on PetsPalo.com

We appreciate if you contact us first before submitting a guest post at support@petspalo.com and let us know your idea.
You’ll usually get a reply within 1 day and if we like it, you can either go ahead and submit the article or begin writing it.

Please attach the article via e-mail in either a text/Word document with all the links included. Simple HTML versions are allowed too as this will make it even easier for us to simply copy/paste the article.

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