Why is My Dog Whining at Night Know What is Wrong with Your Dog

Why is My Dog Whining at Night Know What is Wrong with Your Dog

If your dog recently has starting whining at night for absolutely no reason, either when sleeping, awake or randomly, then you might be wondering about “why is my dog whining at night?” 

Dogs normally can display responses depending on what sort of situation they may have gotten themselves into, they may bark, yelp with joy or simply do nothing depending on how they feel about a particular aspect.

This article will be dealing with the rather confusing aspects of a dog whining and whether such a behavior might warrant a great deal of concern.

Why is my dog whining in his sleep

Why is my dog whining at night in his sleep? If you have been noticing your dog whining while having sleeping, then they might indicate some of the following below:

Your dog might be dreaming

Dogs can often whine at night while sleeping due to dreams, believe or not, dogs can have vivid dreams at times just like us. A dog normally starts whining once they go into the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage.

In this stage, dogs may start having dreams that are either not good, or too good. During this period, a day may dream for 5-10 minutes or less if they are of smaller breeds.

Why is my dog whining at night in his sleep? In most cases, a dog whining at night in his sleep or slightly moving simply means the dog is having a dream.

Your dog might be in pain

A dog may also whine at night while sleeping if they are feeling some sort of physical pain due to an injury, or they might be experiencing internal pain thanks to possibly an upset stomach or even a more serious condition such as Canine Bloat or even seizure.

This may be due to them consuming food in a rapid motion or simply having a bad diet along with consuming stuff that is not supposed to be edible. If your dog is shaking then check this article to learn Why does my dog shake so much.

A seizure on the other hand may happen due to an irregular activity in the brain, symptoms of such may manifest with the dog whimpering while possibly foaming from the mouth. 

Make sure to rule out such conditions by taking your dog to a vet to make sure they are not suffering from a medical condition.

Your dog might be in Separation Anxiety

If you are sleeping separately from your dog, they may whine in their sleep due to feeling lonely and may simply want to get up, close and personal by sleeping with you rather than separately, separation anxiety can often affect dogs badly as they may often become extremely fond of their owners and simply won’t take it well being separated for long periods of time.

Why is my dog whining at night in his sleep? He may simply be having a dream or is wanting to get close to you, make sure to get your dog checked up by an animal vet just in case to rule out medical issues.

Why is my dog whining so much?

Why is my dog whining so much? A dog may suddenly start whining due to the following:

Your dog might want to play or need exercise

Dogs can often pine for attention and may start whining due to such a reason, your dog might just want to play with you and wants attention, hence the dog might simply be whining as such to get your attention and play with you.

Make sure your dog is not injured internally or externally

Your dog also could be in pain, dogs can start whining at random periods due to pain, it could be related to an internal medical condition or they might have suffered an injury. Maybe your dog having any dental problem, try to touch your dog mouth and press slightly and see if your dog is avoiding or making any weird reaction.

This might be anyone of the reasons to know Why is my dog whining at night so much? The dog may need possible medical treatment for an injury or other diseases.

Your dog might be feeling the heat

If you have a female dog, then she may start whining or trembling when she is in her heat (Estrus) stage. In this stage, a female dog may experience a variety of emotions due to hormonal changes and may display such by whining or crying at random intervals.

A male dog on the other hand may also whine or cry if they sense a female dog in heat nearby, as female dogs release a pheromone called Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate which can override the normal preservation senses of a male dog, hence causing them to go into a tracking spree for the female dog.

Your dog might be anxious or feeling lonely

An anxious dog may also whine at times if they are feeling uncomfortable, this can either be due to being in the presence of a dog who they feel might be dangerous, a certain intruder in the house or separation anxiety which stems from being separated from the owner itself.

Why is my dog whining at night so much? Make sure to rule out the listed reasons above first and call a vet even if your dog doesn’t stop whining.

Why is my dog whining while lying down?

If your dog is whining while lying down, then it might be possible that your dog is experiencing symptoms of osteoarthritis (joint pain), this may happen to dogs who have advanced in age significantly. 

Else, it could be that your dog is simply feeling fatigued and is whining due to being extremely tired from whatever he might have been doing before, dogs are also known to whine while lying down as a sign of submission, especially to older and more fearsome dogs or as a sign of apology or if your dog just gagging then check this article to learn Why does my dog keep gagging but not throwing up.

Why is my dog whining after being neutered or spayed

Why is my dog whining at night after being neutered or spayed? A neutering or spaying of a dog usually means the removal of their sexual organs. In this case, a dog may feel pain from the surgery and as a result, may result in them whining from the operation performed on them. 

Make sure you should not bathe your dog after  neutered or spay for more information check this article when can I bathe my dog after neutering or spay.

A neutering or spaying can also result in a dog’s hormones going out of balance and may cause them to be slightly grumpy, experience mixed ranges of emotion and whine as a result of the removal of their reproductive organs.

Why is my dog whining at night? There can be several reasons for such happenings, it is important to get your dog checked up by a vet if the dog keeps whining for extended periods of time and shows several abnormal symptoms such as trembling, vomiting or lethargy.

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