Why is my Dog Losing his Teeth? Know the 4 Important Reasons that can Help

Why is my Dog Losing his Teeth Know the 4 Important Reasons

Do you own a dog and notice some decay in the teeth? Then, you must be worried, “Why is my dog losing his teeth?”

Let me tell you; teeth falling out is usual in growing puppies. As a reason, the baby’s teeth fall, and permanent ones are grown. If you own an adult dog and notice some dental conditions, it identifies some oral problems.

So, it is time to know the reasons and contact a veterinarian. If your dog doesn’t suffer one, these reasons will help to prevent the same.

To help you out, we have produced the content with the help of experienced veterinarians. In addition, you will learn about preventing dental issues in dogs. Scroll down for more information.

Why is my Dog Losing his Teeth? Reasons in Adult Dogs

01. Poor Cleaning and Hygiene

For instance, your dog is older with permanent teeth, which sometimes fall out. In such a scenario, the question pops into your mind, “Why is my dog losing his teeth?” Let me tell you; it’s not normal. One of the reasons is poor cleaning and hygiene.

If you don’t regularly brush your dog, tartar and plaque will develop across the teeth. Furthermore, your dog will suffer from gums inflammation.

It will lead to painful cavities, and the teeth will become loose. Finally, the teeth will randomly fall out like nothing.

02. Chewing Hard Materials

At times, many dogs start to chew on challenging things. Examples include hard bones, tennis balls, Antlers, Nylon chew toys, sticks, cow hooves, ice cubes, and more.

For instance, you daily give one of the above things. Suddenly, one day you notice a fall in your dog’s teeth. A question comes to your mind,” Why is my dog losing his teeth?”

Mostly, the owners believe that bones are safe and don’t cause damage to their teeth. If your dog continuously chews on challenging material, it can fracture its teeth.

The dogs love the bone a lot that they fail to notice the damage to their teeth. They don’t alert the pain till the dental condition becomes worst. Then, the dog begins to experience aching, and he suffers silently.

03. Mouth Trauma

What is mouth trauma? Mouth trauma refers to a mouth injury. It includes injury to lips, teeth, gums, jawbones, and tongue. Mouth trauma can lead to tooth fall in dogs. The tissue damage and bone injuries are pretty painful.

For instance, you go out on the street for a walk with your dog. Suddenly, he runs and meets with a minor accident. The dog will suffer from mouth trauma. In such circumstances, you will question yourself,” Why is my dog losing his teeth?”

Remember, teeth fall is the most common mouth trauma. Not only that, your dog can suffer from dental trauma if he fights against another dog.

04. Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease)

Today, Periodontal disease is quite common in dogs. 80% of dogs suffer from gum illnesses like periodontal from the three ages above. Unfortunately, Periodontal disease is permanent.

For example, you notice bacteria development in your dog’s gum line. So it leads to tartar and plaque. Furthermore, it will result in inflammation and irritation in the dog’s oral health.

Lastly, it will harm the teeth’ support system in the gum resulting in tooth fall. You will question,” Why is my dog losing his teeth?”

In such a scenario, don’t worry, but get in contact with your vet. Not being treated on time will cause other health issues in your dog.

Why is my Dog Losing his Teeth? Information on Dog Puppies.

If you own a dog puppy and he loses the teeth, you will ask yourself, “Why is my dog losing his teeth?” But don’t worry because falling out teeth within 3 to 4 months is typical for dog puppies.

Your puppy’s entire teeth will fall out by the time he is six months. Let me tell you, the teeth size of a puppy is relatively small that you can’t find them falling.

In many instances, puppies swallow their teeth while eating or playing. Sometimes, you might find blood in their mouth, but it’s perfectly normal. Don’t get worried because it will not cause them any harm.

The puppy’s teeth fall out also depends on the dog breed. If your dog’s breed is small, he will lose the teeth faster. As a reason, the maturity is faster than larger breed dogs.

Preventive Measures Towards Dental Problems in Dogs

01 Feed your Dog with an Anti-tartar Bone

If you prefer to prevent or fight against dental plaque in dogs, feed them with an anti-tartar bone.

For example, you regularly feed tartar bones to your dog. In that case, there will be tarter build-up, and teeth will gradually begin to fall. So, you will question, “Why is my dog losing his teeth?”

Hence, feed your dog with an anti-tartar bone. And it will help them take care of their teeth interestingly.

02 Implement Daily Brushing

Proper oral hygiene is quite crucial in dogs. The owner has a role in brushing the dog’s teeth at regular intervals. The purpose is to prevent tarter build-up in teeth.

Most importantly, start brushing early like he is a puppy to get used to it. The primary motive is to avoid situations like why is my dog losing his teeth?

Use a finger cot because it is one of the soft toothbrushes in the market. In contrast, human toothpaste for a dog must be avoided. A reason, their components are not suitable for canines. Toothpaste is toxic to dogs, especially when it has fluorine.

Moreover, they form a foam, and dogs can’t rinse their mouth. Foam can cause harm to your dog’s health.

03. Undertake a Regular Check on your Dog's Teeth

We understand you don’t like your dog to go toothless. As a result, he won’t be able to have meals and appear ugly. Ensure that you undertake regular appointments with a veterinarian.

The aim is to have a regular check on teeth. The dentistry vet will ensure your dog is free from tartar, plaque, and cavities.

In case of a dental issue in your dog, they will detect and treat it professionally. So, treating your dog before your teeth condition worsens is vital, and you start saying, “Why is my dog losing his teeth?”

Final Words

Certainly, implement the above preventive measures for your dog’s dental health. Otherwise, you will experience a situation questioning, “Why is my dog losing his teeth?”

Don’t panic if dog puppies lose their teeth because it is usual. We hope knowing the reasons for losing your dog’s teeth will be helpful in your practical life. If any queries, comment in the section below.

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