Why is My Dog Barking at Nothing at Night ? Know Why!

Why is My Dog Barking at Nothing at Night Know What is Wrong with Your Dog

Why is my dog barking at nothing at night? This is a question that often comes to the owner of a dog, especially when they see their dog barking at literally nothing.

In some cases, this can be a rather worrisome behaviour for your dog and may need some attention as to why the dog might be barking at “nothing”.

This article will be dealing with “why is my dog barking at nothing” and try to look at the reasons or the causes for such behaviour, keep reading below to know more.

Why is my dog barking at nothing outside

Why is my dog barking at nothing outside, especially at night? In most cases, a dog may bark at a potential unknown entity that might be moving outside your house, it could be a possible intruder or an animal who has trespassed into your property.

Dogs such as Rottweilers, Beagles or the German Shepherd tend to bark at even passersby who might just be walking outside your house. These breed of dogs are generally known to be aggressive and may bark outside as a means to show of the fact that someone is entering their territory and to establish dominance.

Some other reasons as to why a dog might be barking at nothing outside can stem from them possible separation anxiety, a need for attention or even the fact that they might have detected a female dog in heat.

A female dog in heat can especially override a dog’s senses from the pheromones they release, hence causing your male dog’s mind to go into overdrive and cause them to be hyperactive which may explain as to why they are barking so much as nothing outside, which is basically them wanting to go to the area as soon as possible and track down the female dog which is in heat.

Why is my dog barking at nothing outside? Dogs such as Rottweilers may display this behaviour more as a means to establish dominance, show off fear, a need for attention or simply the possibility of an intruder roaming in the area of which the dog is barking.

Why is my dog barking at nothing at the window

Why is my dog barking at nothing at the window? If your dog is strangely barking at the window, especially at night, then the following might explain your dog’s behaviour:

Your dog might be sensing a possible intruder

If a your dog is barking while looking at outside window, then they might just smell or even see an intruder moving about your property, hence this may cause your dog to bark rather violently as a means to drive off the intruder. Such an instance may include your dog barking at human intruders or even other dogs.

Your dog might be seeking some attention

Dogs may also bark outside from a window as a sign that they want to go outside and play with their owner, if the behaviour is frequently rewarded, then the dog will repeat such behaviour due to the conditioning they may have gotten from their earlier barking instances.

It should be important to not encourage this behaviour, especially if the dog has started to do this frequently which might be annoying you at worst.

Your dog might be in fearful

Loud noises such as those from fireworks, thunder or loud music may often scare off a dog and make them bark wildly at the windows.

This might be more apparent with dogs such as German Shepherds or Golden retrievers as they are generally far more sensitive to sound, even more so than ordinary dogs. Why is my dog barking at nothing from a window? They might just be scared.

Your dog needs a relief

If you tend to take your dog outside for them to relieve itself by urinating or defecating, then your dog might just be barking from outside the window to signal the fact that they need to go and empty their bowels.

Cases of this may happen frequently to a puppy which may also bark and pace around while feeling the need to defecate, especially after a meal.

Your dog wants a walk outside

Why is my dog barking at nothing at the window? Your dog may simply want you to take them out for a walk as they may be used to getting exercises and might just be feeling the one to have one. Hence they may bark as a result of wanting you to take them outside for a good ol’ walk.

Conclusion: Why is My Dog Barking at Nothing at Night

In most cases, a dog barking outside for no apparent reason may signal the fact that they are sensing or even seeing something that is dangerous to them and they are barking at them out of instinct.

Therefore, it is important to make sure to figure out as to why your dog might be barking at apparently nothing and rule out possibilities that may seem to be more serious than thought.

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