Why is My Chameleon Brown 5 Important Facts

Why is My Chameleon Brown - 5 Important Facts

Chameleons are some of the most interesting pets one could have owing to their rather unique characteristics, ranging from the speedy tongue lashing of targets to changing color based on temperature.

Chameleons can turn into nearly any color as a way to either regulate their body temperature as they can’t generate their own body heat or change colors as a way to signal their emotions and intentions to other chameleons or as a sign of illness.

Why is my chameleon brown? If your chameleon has recently been staying in a brown color, then it would be helpful to know why your chameleon is being such and whether you would need to do something about this.

What happens when a chameleon turns brown?

Why is my chameleon brown and what happens when they turn brown? A chameleon can turn brown due to the following reasons below:

Your Chameleon feeling agitated or depressed

A chameleon will turn into a dark shade or brown or just brown if they are feeling either threatened or simply depressed. Chameleons naturally react to a certain sign of danger by changing their colors to evade whatever might be threatening them. 

Does your Chameleon is turning brown? Learn Why is My Chameleon Brown 5 Important Facts.

Your Chameleon might be sick

While chameleons are good at hiding their pain, they will still change their color according to the sort of medical condition they might be having as a way to try and frantically maintain their body temperatures.

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Your Chameleon are basking

Why is my chameleon brown? A chameleon may also turn brown as a way to absorb the sun lights or absorb lights from a basking bulb. Hence if your chameleon is turning brown while basking, then this is a completely normal behavior and important for their safe absorption of the lights.

Your Chameleon are in brumation

A chameleon will also turn brown while under brumation, brumation is an act of hibernation by chameleons. Brumation is specifically done when a chameleon goes through a cold temperature, during this period, they may stop eating, moving and any sort of activity while remaining brown for most periods of time.

Your Chameleon might be in cold

As chameleons are normally cold blooded, they may turn a shade of brown or simply brown if they become too cold. If the cage your chameleon currently is in has insufficient temperature regulation, then your chameleon may remain brown as a way to deal with the cold.

Why is my chameleon brown? A brown chameleon most often may not require too much of attention, if a chameleon turns brown, then it means that the chameleon is most likely either basking in the sun, showing signs of depression or dealing with the cold/going through brumation.

It is important in these cases to look for the stressors, your UVB bulb setup and the way you are keeping your chameleon overall along with their diet.

If your chameleon remains brown for a prolonged period of time, then it might be a good idea to take them to an animal vet and get them checked up for medical conditions to rule out this possibility.

What colors do chameleons turn when they are dying?

Why is my chameleon brown and what color do they turn when they are dying? A chameleon being brown can be normal in most cases, but a chameleon when dying can turn into a different color.

A dying chameleon will gradually lose their color and turn into a darker shade as their health declines, essentially, a chameleon will either be dull colored or extremely dark color or even brown in some cases.

A chameleon therefore turning dark slowly is a sign that they are slowly dying and are also anxious about this.

This can happen due to variety of reasons such as Metabolic Bone Disease which is acquired through a glaring lack of calcium, through extreme stress as chameleons are unable to handle it, a chameleon turning orange can also be a sign of dehydration.

If your chameleon showing the following signs, it is important to try and hydrate them along with getting them the proper vitamin and calcium supplements, the last resort being force feeding them if they refuse to take the supplements.


Why is my chameleon brown and should I be worried? In most cases, a chameleon turning brown isn’t a sign of a dangerous medical condition as it indicates more or less their way of dealing with the temperature/stress.

It is still important to take your chameleon to a vet every once in a while to make sure they haven’t fallen ill, especially if stop taking their diet for weeks altogether.

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