Why is My Black Dog Turning Brown. All You Need to Know

Why is My Black Dog Turning Brown. All You Need to Know

If you have recently started to notice your black dog unironically getting a tan, as in turning brown, then it might worry you as to what sort of condition your dog might have to have them undergo such a process.

Why is my black dog turning brown? This is a question that this article aims to clarify and explain some of the reasons why your black-skinned dog might be turning brown and what you should do to keep their skin color from changing too drastically.

Why is my black dog turning brown

Are you worried about why your black dog is turning brown? Wondering whether an underlying medical condition is causing such a problem, then keep reading below to know the reasons “why is my black dog turning brown”:

  • Your dog is getting too much sun. Yes, this is the first and most likely reason your dog might get brown skin even when they were supposed to be black. Your dog is simply standing out too much in the sun; this can especially happen if you take your dog out for walks in the peak of July summer. The sun’s UV radiation on the skin can cause it to get a ‘tan’ and, as a result, turn even black skin into brown.

    If this is the case, you could try shielding your dog from the sun by using a dog umbrella to keep them shaded from the burning sun. Refer to 5 Best Umbrellas for Dogs for more details on what umbrella you should get.

  • Why is my black dog turning brown? It’s genetics. If your black dog’s skin started turning brown without any coherent explanation, then the likely case is that it’s in your dog’s genetics, as your dog might have recessive genes from their parents and hence is showing the effects of such. Nothing could be done if you want to stop your black dog’s skin from turning brown, as it is in genetics.
  • Your dog is showing signs of aging. Your dog could simply be showing the symptoms of advanced age, which can often be responsible for black skin turning brown. Coat pigmentation starts getting less of a priority as a dog’s bodily functions focus more on maintaining the dog’s health.

    This can cause pigmentation to become lighter, making your originally black dog look lighter and brown than usual. This is also an unavoidable fact of nature that you can’t change if your dog is old.

  • Health issue/Vitamin deficiency. A black dog’s skin turning brown can also indicate that your dog is possibly suffering from a medical condition or is not getting the proper amount of nutrients.

    A dog not getting proper nutrients such as vitamin C can cause the black dog to start developing brown skin; the most important thing you should do in this case is trying to feed your dog Vitamin C supplements along with feeding them foods rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

    Suppose otherwise, it is not vitamin deficiency. In that case, your dog might be ill from an underlying medical condition, and there might be a need to call up your vet or take your dog to them instead as soon as possible, as it could be an infection or an autoimmune disorder.

  • Your dog is far too stressed. Why is my black dog turning brown? Believe it or not, dogs can have their own “graying” of the skin, just as a human has their hair grayed out prematurely due to immense stress. Your black dog, too, could be turning brown due to stress and anxiety; the best thing you can do to reduce their stress is try playing more with them and petting them on the head whenever possible.

In most cases, a black dog’s skin turning brown shouldn’t be a particular cause of alarm until and unless they start displaying other severe symptoms, such as lethargy, frequent vomiting, etc.

Why is my black dog turning brown? You shouldn’t have anything to be concerned about this as your dog might simply be having its genetics do its work, or your dog is getting too much exposure to the bright UV rays of the sun, or it could be hyperpigmentation due to your dog’s advancing age.

Do black dogs fade in color

While you may now know the answer to ‘why is my black dog turning brown,’ you might wonder if black dogs fade in color as the years go by.

Unless the dog is older, the black color will not fade until an external condition causes the dog’s pigmentation system to go overdrive.

This can happen with Vitiligo, which often causes whitening around areas of the skin due to depigmentation; black dogs, too, can experience this sort of condition, which can be most prevalent around their eyes. It could also be other parts of the body.

Can Black dogs change color of their skin?

Can black dogs change the color of their skin? Unless the dog is getting older, then no, black dogs can’t change their skin color at will.

Suppose you are noticing skin changes on your black dog. In that case, the most likely reason is the dog’s getting more than a healthy dose of the sun, which is causing them a tanning sort of effect, they have a nutrient deficiency with a severe lack of Vitamin C, or the genetics are finally showing up.

Besides these, black dogs will retain their skin color up until they start getting older, in which case they might start showing signs of their skin turning brown.

If you are still wondering, “why is my black dog turning brown” after having checked your dog for the likely causes listed above, it would be time to get them checked by a vet!

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