Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish What You Should do to Prevent it

Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish

Being the proud owner of a dog can come with a fair share of responsibilities for looking after the dog; throughout your journey with your furry buddy, you may encounter various problems that may need medical attention. One of them may make you wonder, “Why does my dog smell like fish?”

If you have been noticing a very fishy odor from your dog, it might worry you slightly about why it is happening. This article will discuss this topic and what you could do to eliminate the smell.

Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish

Why does my dog smell like fish? There can be many reasons for your dog smelling like a fish; they are:

  • Anal Impaction. Anal impactions happen when the fluid in the anal sacs of an animal is not emptied. An impacted anal can be one of the most likely reasons your dog smells like a fish.

    While your dog may typically release fluid while defecating, some medical condition or an abnormality will cause the fluid to be retained and hence become dry with time. The reason for this can be obesity, the problem with the anal sacs, etc.

    If your dog experiences such a problem, you will need to check that out and get your dog immediately to a vet for treatment.

  • Dental problems. Dogs are avid eaters of all tasty things; this can often come with its share of drawbacks since dogs sometimes may eat something that is not exactly supposed to be eaten and hence may accumulate enough cavities in their teeth over time to acquire dental problems.

    Periodontal disease may also occur from infection or inflammation of the area around the teeth.

    In such a case, you may take your dog to the vet to check its teeth for any bacteria and brush them regularly to ensure the smell doesn’t remain.

    Periodontal diseases are some of the most common ones seen in dogs and may answer your question, “why does my dog smell like fish?”

  • Gastrointestinal problems. Your dog might be having problems digesting food correctly due to either allergies or other medical issues, which may cause excessive burping and hence cause a rather smelly fishy breath. GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux) may also be another reason your dog has fishy breath and smells like a fish.
  • Your dog might be eating junk. Like it or not, dogs aren’t shy of eating stinky stuff that should never be eaten; this can include the poop of an animal, any candy, or even fish-related foods, which may cause your dog to acquire a sort of fishy smell themselves, thanks to their unhindered eating activities.
  • Medical conditions. While a fishy smell at first may indicate an anal impaction or a periodontal disease, it can also be an indication of a more serious medical issue, such as a yeast infection which may happen to dogs with excessive skin, such as Bulldogs which may just collect any debris along with yeast. If your dog’s urine smells fishy, it could also be a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).

    Suppose you are unsure whether your dog is ill or has an infection. In that case, it will be essential to get your dog checked by a proper animal veterinarian to rule out any possibilities of severe disease. “Why does my dog smell like fish?” It might just be a sign of a medical disorder. A dog smelling like a fish can also signify kidney disease, tumors, and the like.

The most important thing to look for when your dog smells like a fish is an anal impaction or an infection of the mouth as it can be infested with bacteria.

Otherwise, taking your dog to a veterinarian may seem like the best option rather than waiting for something serious to come up and ruin your and your dog’s day.

Why does my dog smell like fish? This question’s solution may lie in your quick thinking to check out what sort of trouble your dog is experiencing.

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