Why Does My Dog Makes Hiccup Noise When Sleeping and How to Prevent it

Why Does My Dog Makes Hiccup Noise When Sleeping

A sleeping dog might probably be one of the most adorable sights a dog owner can happen to glance upon. And it remains so, until the dog starts making hiccup noises while sleeping. 

This can often be a cause for worry for various owners as they might wonder about why does my dog makes hiccup noise when sleeping ?

If you are concerned about why a dog is making hiccup noises while sleeping, then keep reading below to know all about why a dog might do that and whether you should be concerned about your dog hiccupping in their sleep.

Why does my dog makes hiccup noise when sleeping

Why does my dog makes hiccup noise when sleeping? A dog hiccupping in their sleep is usually supposed to be normal as it may indicate that a dog has swallowed a lot of air in a short burst and hence their diaphragm is experiencing a spasm.

Mostly speaking, most cases of a dog hiccupping while sleeping is considered to be more than normal and shouldn’t be a cause of concern for you or any dog owner. So, your question of why does my dog makes hiccup noise when sleeping is something you shouldn’t be worried about in most cases.

But, there can be some instances where your dog hiccupping while sleeping may indicate a bigger underlying condition and may need attention thereafter, these are:

  • Respiratory troubles. Conditions such as Tracheobronchitis (Kennel Cough in dogs) may cause such an instance of a dog hiccupping while sleeping,  usually your dog will present other symptoms such as retching or gagging, throwing up mucus, frequent coughing and alike.

    If your dog hiccups while sleeping, then you may keep a track of any other symptoms of bronchitis or a respiratory disease that your dog might be showing.
  • Parasites in the stomach. As dogs are slightly more susceptible to infections from parasites, your dog may just have contracted a tapeworm or a roundworm and may be experiencing the symptoms of such. Why does my dog makes hiccup noise when sleeping? This might just be the reason.
  • Gastrointestinal issues. Canine Bloat and such conditions might just as well affect your dog badly. As dogs are often active creatures and consume their food in a rapid and haphazard manner, they may cause the appearance of Canine Bloat and hence cause them to hiccup while sleeping.
  • Heart disease. The worst case scenario possible for a dog could be that they are having a heart condition. This can be fatal for a dog if overlooked, hence if your dog is showing symptoms of lethargy,  a bluish tinge to the skin along with difficulty in terms of breathing, then you may need to get your dog checked up by a vet first. Your dog may also possibly hiccup in their sleep quite often.

Besides these, most cases of dogs hiccupping in their sleep is quite normal and therefore nothing extra should be done.

Why do dogs hiccup

Why do dogs hiccup? While you may know why does my dog hiccup when sleeping, you may be wondering about the exact reason as to why dogs hiccup at all. Hiccups happen when air becomes trapped in the space located between the abdomen and the chest, this can cause the diaphragm to involuntary contract and cause hiccups. 

For this, this can happen quite frequently as they often suck too much air in-between their consumption of food and water. 

Your dog may also become afflicted with the sheer trouble of hiccups if they become far too excited and hence breath abnormally due to the sheer excitement, it could be the idea of going to a place that is a favorite of your dog, it might just be the dog itself meeting you again after a long time of your absence. 

They might also experience hiccups due to the exact opposite, which is stress and anxiety, Stress can cause adrenaline to build up and cause your dog to enter into a fight or flight mode, in which case their normal breathing patterns might be impacted and they may start experiencing hiccups.

Besides these, your dog can also experience hiccups from inhaling dust, some unknown particle or eating something that the dog was not supposed to eat.

Why do dogs hiccup in sleep

Why do dogs hiccup in sleep? While the reason about why they may hiccup in their sleep might be known to you, you might be wondering about what causes the exact mechanism of a dog hiccuping while sleeping.

Just like humans, sleep for dogs is an essential period in which the dog can rest after a day’s worth of physical stress, they too can enter the deepest stage of sleep, which is known as REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

If a dog has consumed food far too quickly, was active throughout the day, then they may have trouble going to the REM stage and may just start hiccupping in the middle of their sleep.

How to get rid of hiccups for dogs

Why does my dog makes hiccup noises when sleeping and what can I do to get rid of it? There are some tips you can try to get rid of hiccups for your dog if they are having trouble due to it:

  • Rub their tummy. Rubbing a dog’s tummy may calm them down and help in making their breathing patterns regular and therefore get rid of their hiccups
  • Make them drink water. This is another way you can try to get rid of hiccups for your dog, make your dog drink the water very slowly and in controlled amounts, if they happen to gulp it down in one go, it will simply make the matters worse.

Besides these two, you may also try to moderate the diet of your dog and make them eat their food slowly along with making sure that your dog is eating a dog friendly diet.

Why does my dog makes hiccup noises when sleeping? If your dog keeps experiencing hiccups for an abnormal period of time, then you may contact a vet to see if there is something deeper that is troubling your dog.

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