Why Does My Dog Chew His Toys on Me. Is Something Wrong with My Dog

Why Does My Dog Chew His Toys on Me

If you have recently started to notice your dog chewing his toys on your lap, it might perturb you as to why your dog might be behaving in this way and if there could be some underlying reason for such.

This article will be dealing with the reasons as to “why does my dog chew his toys on me”? While this behavior by a dog can mostly be normal and considered even adorable, you might still need to know precisely why a dog is doing such a thing.

Why does my dog chew his toys on me

Why does my dog chew his toys on me? A dog chewing on the top of you or your lap can be a sign of behavioral changes or even indications; these could be:

He is showing you disrespect

You read that right; your dog could be showing you their superiority by chewing its toys on you and even laying them on your lap to show a sign of dominance; they may even bark or growl at you might as a result. If you have recently noticed your dog being rather disobedient and unwilling to listen to reason, it might be that they are trying to tell you that you are disliked by them even.

They want to play with you

The dog might also chew their toys on you as a sign that they want you to play with them, dogs are a creature of outward emotions, and hence they can display their emotions in the most relaxed way possible. Why does my dog chew his toys on me? It might just be that your dog is trying to get you to open up to them and have a fun time.

Your dog seeking for Attention

If you have recently been not giving your dog as much attention as they usually get from you, they might start trying to get your attention. This can include chewing their toys on you and putting them in your lap as a sign that they want you to notice them and give them some affection (such as petting them on the head).

These are some reasons why a dog might be chewing their toys on you at random intervals and hence usually requires no medical attention. Although if they are barking at you while doing that, it might be time to know what you might have done to incite them to such a violent reaction.

Should I let my dog chew his toys

Toys are generally made of soft material and won’t be bad for your dog’s dental health. Dogs are commonly known to chew on their toys; chewing on toys can be much better than chewing on dog bones, as bones by themselves could hurt a dog’s teeth and act as a choking hazard. Some advantages of a dog chewing on toys can be:

It promotes their dental health

Chewing on toys for dogs can naturally sharpen their teeth and scrape away at build-up in the gums, such as tartar. Chewing can also help produce anti-bacterial saliva, which can cleanse a dog’s mouth and improve breath.

Toys keep dogs preoccupied

If you are not looking to play with your dog at the moment due to being busy at work or tired enough, you may give them a ball or a toy of a similar size to keep them preoccupied while you rest or complete your work. Dogs are mainly fond of toys and, as a result, will be preoccupied with a toy if one is given one.

It relieves them of anxiety

If your dog recently has shown symptoms of anxiety, has been remaining stressed for most periods, or is stressing due to some environmental factor.

You may try to give them a toy to play around with or even engage them in an activity with you while keeping a toy to play with. Toys can be beneficial in ensuring your dog is relieved of stress and focus only on the positive aspect, which is playing with the toy the dog is given.

Why do dogs push their toys into you

Just like a child, a dog can be very possessive of its toys, even to the point of being aggressive if someone threatens them by taking them away. Hence, if a dog pushes their toy on you, it trusts you immensely and, consequently, trusts you to keep its toy or toys safe with you. In essence, the dog is entrusting you to keep their toy safe.

A dog pushing its toy on you could also mean that the dog wants to play with you and therefore is actively pushing its toy into you to make you get up and play with them; dogs can be playful creatures, especially for the owners who they might dearly love.

Why do dogs chew their toys on your foot

While you may now be clear about why my dog chews his toys on me, you might wonder why dogs chew their toys on your foot. 

In most cases, since a toy can be a dog’s priced possession, they might chew it on your foot to sign that they trust you immensely and feel safe while with you.

This can result in the dog, at times, even licking you just after putting the toy at your feet and being wholly affectionate; a dog putting their toy at your feet is the ultimate sign that they trust you and feel comfortable with your presence.

While it does feel good to know that in most scenarios, a dog will chew their toys on you as a sign that they are playful or comfortable, some instances may indicate possible aggressive behavior and might need a thorough investigation as to why a dog might be aggressive with you.

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