Why Does Male Dog Won’t Eat When Female is in Heat: Understanding the Behavior and Providing Support

Why Does Male Dog Won't Eat When Female is in Heat

If you’ve noticed that your male dog won’t eat when a female is in heat, you’re not alone. This behavior is commonly observed in male dogs during the reproductive cycle of female dogs.

Why does male dog won’t eat when female is in heat? Hormonal changes occur during a female dog being in heat which may affect the behavior and appetite of male dogs. Understanding the reasons behind this loss of appetite is essential in ensuring your dog’s well-being.

In this article, we will explore the factors that contribute to a male dog’s decreased appetite during a female’s heat cycle and provide tips to help encourage your dog to eat.

Why does male dog won't eat when female is in heat

Why won’t a male dog eat when the female is in heat? Typically, when in heat, a female dog releases a pheromone called Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate; studies have shown that this pheromone can attract male dogs intensely towards it sexually. This can cause a stir in itself as your male dog will try to look for the female dog in question, who is in her estrus cycle once he catches her scent.

In this case, your dog will refuse to eat any food, start marking its territories more frequently, and walk around looking for the female dog in question as long as she’s in the heat cycle.

Why won’t a male don’t eat when the female is in heat? As long as the female dog releases the pheromone Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate nearby, your dog will keep obsessing over her until he tracks her down.

Your dog may also display aggressive behavior, especially if they come across another dog trying to track down the female dog in question. Your dog may also display other signs of this, such as vomiting, weight loss, and agitation whenever around the female dog in heat.

Why won’t a male don’t eat when the female is in heat? In simple terms, as long as the female dog is in heat, the sexual urges of the male dog wanting to mate will take over and cause them to do nothing else besides try and track down the female dog.

Hence, if you have a female dog in your house in her heat cycle along with a male, keep your male dog away as far as possible from her as long as she is in her heat cycle. Your dog should automatically stop his one-track behavior once the estrus cycle of the female dog wears off.

Do male dogs lose their appetite when they're in heat

While male dogs can’t enter the heat cycle, they will lose their appetite around female dogs who are in heat; this can be the result of the female dog releasing the pheromone above related to heat and causing your male dog to be disturbed by the scent.

In simple terms, the best way to deal with such a scenario is to try to keep your dog in a separate room, distract them with toys and ensure your female dog doesn’t go anywhere near your male dog.

Or, if you have decided, it might be an excellent choice to try neutering your male dog; this can effectively stop the effects of heat from overwhelming your dog, as neutering stops sexual urges from manifesting.

How do I stop my male dog from mating

Like it or not, if you have a female dog in your house in heat, your male dog will try to track her down and mate as soon as possible.

For a breeder, this wouldn’t be a problem. But as an owner, having an overwhelming amount of puppies can be trouble, not to mention it can affect the health of your female dog to give birth at times.

In this case, the best way you can try to stop your male dog from mating is to try and keep them away from your female dog as far as possible or even put them in a kennel for as long as the female dog is nearby.

You can also try neutering your dog; this can effectively remove their urge to mate and make them more compliant, along with reducing the risk of testicular tumors and various diseases.

Although neutering by itself can come with its fair share of disadvantages, as it may cause your dog to be moody for the first two weeks and may cause infection if proper care is not taken during and after the process of neutering, you should immediately bathe your dog after neutering or spay, read more about when you should bathe your dog after Neutering or Spay.

If you are not comfortable with neutering your male dog, then the best you can do is keep both your male and female dogs in separate rooms and ensure that they do not meet each other as long as the female is in heat.

How can I cover my female dog in heat

If you are worried about other dogs searching for your female dog while she is in heat, then the best way to cover your female dog is by masking her scent and, therefore, the pheromone that is attracting the dogs to her.

To do this, using a Menthol Spray on your female dog would be a good idea as it can emit a strong odor good enough to keep away other male dogs and mask your female dog’s scent.

Also, avoid taking your female dogs to parks or other public places, as this may cause other dogs to be lured to her, especially if you dislike spraying your dog with an odorous spray.

Keeping your female dog at a house in a dog kennel would be the best idea to keep her inside without the risk of mating until the heat cycle wears off.

The pheromones attract them sexually. Therefore, keeping them away from the female dog is essential until the heat cycle is finished. Why won’t a male dog eat when the female is in heat? These are some of the ways to keep your female dog safe while she is in 

Common FAQs

01. How Do I Get My Dog to Eat When She's in Heat?

To encourage your dog to eat during her heat cycle, try offering smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day. Ensure the food is fresh and appetizing. Create a quiet and comfortable eating environment, away from any distractions. 

If your dog’s appetite continues to decline, consult with your veterinarian for further guidance.

02. How Long Will a Male Dog Be Attracted to a Female in Heat?

The duration of a male dog’s attraction to a female in heat can vary. Typically, it lasts for about two to three weeks, which is the average length of a female dog’s heat cycle. However, each dog is unique, and factors such as individual temperament and the female dog’s fertility can influence the duration of attraction.

03. What Are the Symptoms of a Male Dog in Heat?

Male dogs do not go into heat; rather, it is the female dogs that experience the heat cycle. Male dogs may exhibit behaviors such as increased interest in the female, excessive licking, restlessness, and marking territory with urine. It is important to note that these behaviors can vary among individual dogs.

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