Why Do Dogs Wink At You So Much What Could Be the Reasons

Why Do Dogs Wink At You So Much What Could Be the Reasons

Suppose you have recently started to notice your dog winking at various times without reason. In that case, it might be a bit unnerving to see them emulating such human behavior and might make you wonder why they are doing it.

This article will deal with the topic of why dogs wink at you so much.

Dogs are adoptable and adaptable creatures of nature, you care for them, and they will care for you. They might develop some personality quirks even. Keep reading below to know more about why your dog might be winking at you!

Why do dogs wink at you so much?

There can be a few reasons why dogs wink at you so much; some of them could directly result from them learning it from you!

They are winking for fun

Why do dogs wink at you so much? Dogs can wink at a person to be playful with them, especially if they happen to be their beloved owner. Dogs will often wink with one of their eyes to show their owner that they are having fun, utterly happy, and relaxed.

They are imitating you

Dogs have fluid personalities, as they can adapt to whatever they see. They may even try to emulate the behavior of a different species or their brethren as a sign that they either respect them or as a sign of aggression.

If a dog is winking at you, then that means they might just be emulating your behavior of winking at them.

They are submissive

While not precisely a preferable sight for an owner who loves their dog and wants them to be more like furry buddies. Dogs may also wink at you or a dog as a sign to show that they are intimidated by them and are willing to follow them up; in simple terms, a dog winking at someone can also mean that they are fearful of them.

It’s a medical condition

Why do dogs wink at you so much? If a dog is winking at you more frequently than you would think a dog should, then it might just be a genetic medical condition called Entropion causing them to wink at you frequently.

Entropion, in simple terms, causes the eyelid to be rolled inwards against the eyeball, usually caused by a muscle spasm; it could also be caused by a disease such as Trachoma, which causes scarring of the conjunctiva.

All of these, as a result, cause eye irritation by the eyelashes themselves, which can make a dog wink frequently at you.

This can be one reason dogs wink at you so much, as it can be mistaken for winking.

If your dog has this condition, it can be treated by surgery. But if you are not willing to get that done just yet, artificial tears and lubricating ointments may help lessen the frequency of the winking in your dog.

They are getting dust in their eyes

Dogs can often blink from dust and other foreign objects flying into their eyes; it could be due to them living in a dusty environment or trying to get their fair share of fun by running around. Dogs frequently wink because they essentially try to get their hair, dust, or another particle out of their eye.

Why do dogs wink at you so much – Conclusion

In most cases, a dog winking at its owner is considered to be perfectly normal and might be a chance for the owner himself to play around with their dogs.

But suppose a dog keeps winking for far too long. In that case, it could warrant a call to the vet or even a visit, as it might indicate a different medical issue, such as Entropion or other sight-threatening conditions.

Besides that, a dog winking at you may want to have fun and play around as much as possible!

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