Why do Dogs Eat Grass

Sometimes when I hang out with my pets, I see one of my dogs eat grass from my garden. I often wonder why do dogs eat grass and why they like that. Have you ever wondered the same with your pets while walking or playing with them in the garden?

Is Eating Grass Safe for Pets?

Why do dogs or cats eat grass? Illness or habit?

Is eating grass safe for your dog? The answer is yes; you may think something is going wrong in your pet’s body. Most pet lovers believe their grass-eating tendencies are due to a lack of diet or an illness. But the exact reason is different for your cats or dogs to eat grass and need not worry about them.

There are a few instances where the dogs and cats vomit after eating the grass. However, vomiting can also be caused by other conditions and are not exclusive to eating grass.

What specifically dogs do is what human doesn’t, like smelling the dirty socks and gristles in the trash bin. This behavior can also include dogs eating grass out of nowhere. So, this tells us that dogs have some predominant habits. Though they look odd to us, they are made by natural forces that we can’t question.

Should you stop your Pets from eating grass?

If your dogs eat grass, you shouldn’t be worried about it. Some theory says that dogs are omnivorous and eat both plant and meat. So, they include plant items in their diet instinctively. Some say that even if they don’t include plant items in their diet, they get all the ingredients from their prey, i.e., so-called meat. This makes them bring the typical taste to their diet. 

Why Do Cats Eat Grass

Now, it’s time for us to look at the meows. We all made it clear that eating grass is pretty standard for dog species and generally harmless. Yes, cats eat grass too. Though cats look clean and disciplined, they also have some habits that make them look weird or unhygienic in some cases.

Cats keep their body clean. They eat only those items which look good. They aren’t like the doggies in smelling and licking the dirty stuff. They keep their surroundings clean. But the only fascinating thing is that they, too, bite the grass. Cats usually drink milk or curd, which is their primary diet. They occasionally eat meat. But why are they eating the grass? The case is still the same for the cats; they like it.


Major studies tell us the same thing as in the case of dogs. Most of the cats in the case study remain the same after eating the grass and don’t show any side effects. Only a minor percentage of cats vomited after taking in the grass for diet.

Foremost veterinary doctors say that eating grass is a normal behavior in pets. It won’t bring any impact on their health. So, this makes a clear understanding that it is only a habitual action and won’t affect the healthy state of dogs or cats. For them, the grass is just a kind of snack to crack their jaws on

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