Why Do Cats Stare At You When You Sleep

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me When I Sleep

Cats are more or less semi-nocturnal creatures, hence they like to keep themselves awake at nights. While this habit can be frustrating for some owners who would want their animals to sleep at night to keep their own sleep free of outside disturbance.

Alas, while some cat may keep themselves awake during early daytime, some may prefer the night. But the real issue that comes is when a cat starts staring at an owner while they sleep, in such a case it might disturb an owner to wake up and see their cat staring into their soul.

Why do Cats stare at you when you sleep? Read below to know more!

Why does my cat stare at me when I sleep?

If you have noticed instances of your cat staring at you when you sleep by a friend, or have noticed it yourself after waking up. Then it just might be that the cat is curious about you, is trying to create a bond with you or is monitoring your behavior for any sort of abnormalities.

Besides these, a cat will also tend to stare at their owner if they are hungry and waiting for the owner to wake up and feed them something delicious and wholesome.

Why do Cats stare at you when you sleep? They are most probably either hungry or are protecting you as a sort of family.

Why does my cat stare at me without blinking

Why does my cat stare at me without blinking? There can be a few reasons for such a behavior such as:

They are most likely curious about you

Cats are naturally inquisitive creatures, they might be wondering about the sort of sound you are making while sleeping or the way your mouth is moving while awake.

In simple terms, a cat may wonder about what you are doing, whatever it be and may stare at you without blinking.

They want attention from you

Just like any other pets, a cat at times will naturally want their owner to give them some love and attention. This will prompt the cat to stare unblinkingly at their owner with an almost bated breath for attention, Why do Cats stare at you when you sleep? They are doing it most likely for attention.

They are annoyed at you

If you have been overstimulation your cat (petting them for extended periods which is making them uncomfortable), have taken away their toys or are doing something that the cat does not prefer, then the cat may simply stare at you without blinking to send you a signal regarding their annoyance.

They are in pain

A cat staring at you without blinking might just be trying to tell you that they are in pain and are most likely wanting you to get them rid of this pain. Hypertension along with toxicity or physical pain can result in a cat staring at you unblinkingly as a way to indicate such.

If your cat has been staring at you without blinking for long periods of time, then it might be a good idea to take them to an animal vet for a checkup.

They are fearful

It might just be that your cat is not directly staring at you, but something that is making them afraid, this could result in a cat staring unblinkingly for periods of time.

Why does my cat stare at me without blinking? Make sure to get your cat checked up if they haven’t blinked while staring with you for an hour or more.

Why do Cats stare at you when you sleep

Why do Cats stare at you when you sleep? If they are doing such, the most likely indicated reason could be that they are eying something on your bed, it could be a pest, or the cat might just be wanting to get in bed with you.

Otherwise, a cat may also stare at you to show you that they love you, it is their way of showing affection, especially if they do such a behavior while you are sleeping. Cats are possessive creatures and hence may stare at you to display such a behavior.

Your cat could also just be bored and watching you sleep as a way to pass time while they are not doing anything productive for a change.


If your cat is staring at you for longer periods of time, especially without blinking, try to move them to a different environment or get them checked up by a vet to make sure they are not sick. Otherwise, it is in a cat’s nature to stare at someone they are either bonded with or are intrigued by.

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