Whippet Dog Breed Facts and Personality Traits

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All you need to know about the Whippet Dog Breeds. A complete profile on the breed information, history, personality, adaptability, food, and care, etc.,

Dog Breed Group

Hound Dogs


18 to 22 inches tall at the shoulder


18 to 48 pounds

Life Span:

12 to 15 years




Overall 100%
Affectionate With Family
Affectionate with Kids
Affectionate with other Dogs
Affectionate with Strangers


Overall 60%
Tolerates Being Alone
Tolerates Cold Weather
Tolerates Hot Weather
First Time Owners
For Apartment Living
Sensitivity Level

Health And Grooming

Overall 60%
General Health
Potential For Weight Gain
Breed Size
Shedding Amount
Easy To Groom
Drooling Amount


Overall 80%
Easy To Train
Intelligence Level
Level of Prey Drive
Potential For Mouthiness
Barking & Howling Level
Wanderlust Potential

Physical Needs

Overall 80%
Energy Level
Exercise Needs
Intensity Level
Potential For Playfulness

Overview of Whippet Dog Breed:

Whippets dogs are the small sized breed with a graceful and robust appearance, they are physically slim but muscular. Whippets deliver a balance between physical endurance, respect, and politeness. This dog breed can be playful, and they are suitable to make the children energetic. This breed is the therapy dogs, and the obedience is one of the finest characters in them.

History of Whippet Breed:

Whippet dogs belong to the modern era, they are not more than 100 years. These wonderful breeds were bred in Northern England. The breed development was the outcome of small surf dogs consistently used by poachers. Whippet dogs became a demand for working with men in Northern England. They were used to serve the purpose of hunting most rabbits and rats.

Personality of the Whippet Breed:

The whippet dog breed has a dynamic personality of being peaceful, friendly, and gentle. The puppies with good nature are playful and energetic, they always have the urge to approach people. The temperament of Whippet dogs is impacted by the various elements and these dogs enjoy playing with the kids. The owners cannot trust them to guard the house.

Coat color and Grooming:

Whippet dogs are available in Black, White, Brindle, Fawn, Blue and Redcoat colors. It is easy to have a grooming routine for Whippet dogs. The fascinating fact of these dogs that they need minimal grooming with short-sleeved coats. This dog breed desire to remain clean rather than being unhygienic. Weekly brushing is essential to keep their hair off the clothes and furniture. The ears and eyes require cleaning once a week to avoid bacteria and illness.

Feeding (Diet and Nutrition):

The healthiest ingredient of food is significant for growth as they have the athletic agility. Feeding them with right quality of food along and proper quality will benefit them to build strong muscles. The average food calorie requirements of an adult Whippet dog are 894 per day within 2 meals in a day. The high-quality diet consists of chicken meal, brown rice, barley, oatmeal, salmon, beef broth, lamb, and green beans.

General Care:

Whippet dogs need to feed food as a reward sometimes to motivate them. The socialization should be implemented at a younger age, they can have healthy bonding with other animals. The exercise needs to be planned although they are sprinting dogs. It is vital to take them out for a walk at a minimum of 20 minutes per day.

Common Health Problems:

The average life expectancy of Whippet is between 12 to 15 years. These dogs are healthy and enjoy long lifespan. There is the probability of falling ill and the most health issue arises from genetics of this breed. The prominent health issues of Whippet breed dogs are mentioned below: –

  • Eye Defects
  • Congenital Deafness
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Undescended Testicle
  • Cardiac Disease
  • Pancreatitis

Size (Height and Weight):

The average height of the Whippet dog breed ranges between 45 to 56 centimeters and weighs between 6.8 to 14 kilograms. The heads of this dog breed are long and lean. They have small ears and oval-shaped eyes. The toes are long and tend to cut at the end. Whippet dogs are the ideal sizes for children, and they are nor fragile neither strong.



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