Nourishing Recovery: What to Feed a Dog with Giardia for Optimal Healing

What to Feed a Dog with Giardia for Boosting Recovery Know the Essential Foods

When your dog is diagnosed with Giardia, providing proper nutrition becomes crucial for their recovery. Feeding the right foods can help support their immune system, promote healing, and alleviate symptoms.

In this article, we will discuss what to feed a dog with Giardia to boost its recovery. 

From the benefits of pumpkin to healing foods and the potential of coconut oil, we’ll explore essential dietary options that can aid in their journey back to health.

What is Giardia?

Giardia is a highly contagious organism. It is quite prominent across the globe. Moreover, it can resist the typical environment. 

Many Giardia” Types” exist, known as type A and type H. Commonly, types C and D are found in dogs.

For instance, your dog has Giardia. In that case, he might have a history of being adopted or purchased from a place with a large dog population. Otherwise, he may have a history of visiting other dogs from different areas.

So, what happens to your dog in such a densely populated area? He gets in contact with dirty things like cages, soil, toys, and more. 

Cysts are quite common in dogs. Moreover, your dog gets in contact with feces-soiled fur and consumes contaminated water. And it can be infectious in the places like gardens & parks.

Young dogs, like puppies below six months, are at high risk of developing this disease in populated areas.

Diarrhea is the most symptom in dogs infected with Giardia. The other symptoms include stomach pain or cramps, upset nausea or stomach, greasy poop, dehydration, and gas. So, you will contact your vet.

Besides dogs, humans, birds, and cats can get infected by Giardia.

Beneficial Foods to Heal Giardia in Dogs

When your vet diagnoses your dog with Giardia, they will promise you to provide effective treatment. If an animal or a human is ill, a proper diet is vital in addition to medicines and treatment. So, you will ask yourself,” What to feed a dog with Giardia?”

To treat Giardia in dogs, boost the healing process of the gastrointestinal tract. And it is possible by meeting the nutritional needs.  

The vet will recommend you feed your dog with unseasoned food. As a reason, it is easy to digest and heals the intestines. Generally, feed your dog bland food till his stool becomes normal. The recovery process takes time between three to ten days.

If your dog suffers from Giardia, he will experience imbalances in the gut bacteria. For instance, your vet finds an imbalanced microbiome. It is also known as the microbiome. 

In that case, they might recommend a therapeutic diet for your dog. However, this diet is developed to improve good gut bacteria inside your dog’s microbiome. Indeed, follow the vet’s instructions when it comes to feeding.

The Most Common Therapeutic Diets Are Mentioned Below:

Modification of the Food Texture

  • Puree diet 
  • Mechanical soft diet

Tube Feedings

  • Liquid tube feedings with meals
  • Instead of meals, liquid tube feedings

Nutritional Changes

  • Diabetic diets 
  • Diet high in fiber
  • Food without sugar
  • Renal diet 
  • Sweets diet without concentration
  • Meal with low sodium
  • Diet with no salt
  • Low-fat food

Modification of Food Intolerance or Food Allergy

  • Diets to prevent food intolerance 
  • Diets to prevent food allergy

Extra feedings

With meals, additional might be purchased:

  • Nourishments: Snack food fed between the meals, like mid-afternoon or mid-morning.
  • Supplements: Purchased as shakes that have the necessary nutrition for your dog. You can feed the supplements to your dog once or twice a day, along with meals or without them.

Prevention Towards Giardia in Dogs

Your dog might suffer from giardia disease or not. Prevention is best to avoid the situation, “What to feed a dog with giardia in addition to medication and treatment?”

The effective way to prevent this illness is to ensure that your dog drinks clean water. Most importantly, don’t permit your dogs to consume water with other animals’ feces.

Ensure that you don’t get in contact with feces. If you find feces in your dog, pick up the same and clean the surrounding of your dog. Moreover, don’t allow the dog’s feces to settle on your belongings, like bags and devices.

Reinfection quickly occurs in the dog because of usual grooming behaviors. So, avoiding feces on your dog’s fur is exceptionally significant.

For instance, if your dog has long fur, grooming is vital. Therefore, trim the fur of the tail. Ensure that feces don’t get stuck on his tail. When your dog goes to the washroom, you need to wash the bottom of your dog.

Usually, Giardia occurs in boarding and kennel places. So, the risk of giardia disease is relatively high. It is because of the vast dog crowd. 

Above all, don’t take admission in the boarding till your dog completes one year. Even if your dog is under the treatment of Giardia, don’t send him to boarding.

Bottom Line

For example, your dog experiences any symptom mentioned in the article. In that situation, contact a veterinarian. They will examine your dog’s feces. The motive is to find out if your dog is infected with Giardia. 

If vets find the same disease, they prescribe the best treatment to control and heal it. 

In terms of food, you will question yourself, “What to feed a dog with giardia?” Well! Follow the above food categories to boost your dog’s recovery process—anything in mind, comment in the section below.

Common FAQs

01. Does Pumpkin Help Giardia in Dogs?

Pumpkin can benefit dogs with Giardia due to its high fibre content and potential anti-parasitic properties. It can aid in soothing the digestive system and regulating bowel movements, but it’s essential to consult your veterinarian for proper dosage and usage.

02. What Foods Promote Healing in Dogs?

Foods rich in lean proteins, such as boiled chicken or turkey, can provide essential nutrients for healing. Additionally, easily digestible carbohydrates like rice or sweet potatoes can be included. Small portions of low-fat, plain yogurt or probiotic supplements may also support gastrointestinal health.

03. Can Coconut Oil Cure Giardia in Dogs?

While coconut oil has antimicrobial properties, it is not a cure for Giardia. It may have some potential benefits in supporting the immune system and digestive health. However, relying on veterinary-prescribed medications and treatments is important to effectively address Giardia infection in dogs.

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