What is the Use of Eazypet Tablet, Price, Dosage and Side Effects

What is the Use of Eazypet Tablet, Price, Dosage and Side Effects

Intas Eazypet Dewormers For Dogs and Cats is a deworming tablets specially used against hookworms, tapeworms, and nematode parasites including whipworms. Eazypet tablets have three main ingredients Praziquantel, Pyrental Pamoate, and Febental. Eazypet tablet can be given to Dogs and Cats.

How to Use Eazypet Tablet :

Eazypet tablets can be used for deworming in dogs against:

  • Roundworms,
  • Hookworms,
  • Whipworms and
  • Tapeworms

Do not give this tablets to your Dogs and Cats without doctor prescription, always give this tablet as per your veterinarian advise.

Eazypet Tablet Uses :

You can give Eazypet tablets to your dogs directly or with the food. No starvation for your dog and cat is needed before or after treatment.

Always follow recommendations by your veterinarian. Do not exceed the recommended dose when treating pregnant dogs.

Eazypet Tablet Side Effects :

  • Mild vomiting and
  • Diarrhoea

Consult your veterinarian immediately if any sign of overdose.

Eazypet Tablet Package :

You can buy Easypet Tablet either a Strip of 2 tablets or a Strip of 10 tablets.

Eazypet Tablet Price :

Easypet tablet Strip of 2 tablets around INR 66 and Easypet tablet Strip of 10 tablets around INR 330.

Where I can buy Eazypet Tablet :

You can Easypet Tablet from any medical shop near to some veterinarian hospital. Also you can buy Easypet Tablet from the following certified online seller.

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