What is that White Crust on Dogs Nose 5 Tips to Cure it

What is that White Crust on Dogs Nose 5 Tips to Cure it

What is that white crust on the dog’s nose? This question often comes to the owner of a dog whenever they see a white crust on their dog’s nose; this can be a source of frustration for many as the dogs themselves will experience trouble due to their crusty noses.

This article will discuss why the white crust appears on a dog’s nose and how to eliminate such an irritating substance without much hassle. Keep reading below to know more!

What is that White Crust on Dogs Nose

It might make one a bit hesitant about what to do whenever they see a white crust on their dog’s nose and why it appears. 

What is that white crust on dogs nose? Let us take a look:


Hyperkeratosis is a condition that commonly happens to the nose of a dog; this condition is usually caused by excess growth of skin cells (also keratin) on the surface of a dog’s nose. This can often cause a specific white crust to appear on a dog’s nose, along with the nose appearing slightly cracked and rough.

While usually not a cause of concern, Hyperkeratosis still can be a slightly harmful condition for dogs as it makes them more susceptible to bacterial infections. 

Unfortunately, a complete treatment is not available for this condition, and hence one will have to try to rehydrate their dog’s nose for the remainder of their life. 

It can also be a good idea to see a vet if the dog starts exhibiting more symptoms, along with a dry nose.

Sticking their noses to where they don’t belong

While the saying has an entirely different meaning, it still applies to dogs. Dogs may acquire a white crust on their nose if they constantly stick their noses to unclean places such as sand, garbage, etc. 

The dog might also have been eating yogurt or another white cream, which may explain the white crust on its nose. If one suspects their dog to have been doing any of these activities, then it will be essential to try and clean their noses as soon as possible with either a dry or slightly wet cloth.

Allergic reaction

While dogs are known to be somewhat adventurous creatures, it might not be necessary for them to do something outrageous to get that ugly white crust on their noses. They may sometimes have an allergic reaction to something in the house itself; this might be why the white crust appears on their nose. It could be a cleaning product, a new plate, or even a cloth.

Bacterial or fungal infections

If the dog’s crusty nose is accompanied by bleeding, mucus, or any abnormality, then the dog might have a bacterial or fungal infection; since dogs are known to sniff or stick their noses to unclean places, it can often be the leading cause for them to get an infection of this variety.

In such a case, getting the dog to a proper animal vet and getting treatment for the infection will be essential. Or if the infection is not severe enough, one may treat it at home with topical creams if it is a fungal infection. What is that white crust on dogs nose? It can more or less be an infection and should be treated as soon as possible.

Something in the Nose

It could also be that the dog’s nose is blocked by an object they may have accidentally sniffed; it could be a giant mound of dust debris or even plastic garbage; in this case, their blocked nose will cause the white crust to appear on the dog’s nose along with dryness.

It is always essential in this case to check the dog’s nose and remove the object gently if found.

As always, taking a dog to a vet is essential if it exhibits a white crust on its nose, along with any extra abnormal symptoms that shouldn’t usually be present.

How Can I Remove the White Crust on Dog’s Nose

While knowing that the white crust on dogs’ noses can be essential, it still can make one wonder, “how can I remove the white crust on a dog’s nose.” If the dog has yet to go to a vet and the owner wants to try homemade methods first, then they can try some of the below:

  • Creams and oils. This is the first thing that any dog owner should try to remove the white crust on their dog’s nose,  various creams made specifically for dogs can be found on the market. You may also try homemade oils such as coconut oil to try and clean your dog’s nose and get rid of the white crust.


  • Keep their noses moist. If the dog is experiencing the white crust on their nose due to a dry nose, it will be essential to try and keep its nose as moist as possible. One can do this by applying a warm and wet towel to a dog’s nose and putting some petroleum jelly afterward.


  • Keep them away from heat. Most often, a dog may experience white crust on their noses due to dry noses from heat; this can especially happen in the winter as heaters are frequently used throughout the season.

    Hence, it can be essential to try to keep the dog at a warm but safe distance from heaters or any heat source to see if the white crust goes away.
  • Get them to a vet. In some cases, the white crust on a dog’s nose may be due to polyps; this can warrant a visit to the vet as such will need treatment from them as they will have to be treated either surgically or with radiation.


  • See if the dog is not dehydrated. Dogs may experience the white crust on their noses due to severe dehydration; if a dog exhibits a dry and crusty nose along with other symptoms of dehydration such as lethargy and a loss of appetite, try to hydrate them as much as possible by making them drink water along with ice cubes if it is the summer season.

Bottom line

What is that white crust on dogs nose? This question can have various causes due to the weather itself, so it will be necessary to rule out typical causes before moving on to the more serious ones. Keeping a dog’s nose clean and hygienic will also reduce the chances of the white crust appearing on their nose.

If you have any questions, don’t forget to comment about them!

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