What Dogs Have Webbed Feet: Discover the Top 5 Breeds with This Unique Trait

Have you ever noticed dogs with webbed feet and wondered why some breeds possess this distinctive feature? Webbed feet are not common in all dog breeds, but they serve a specific purpose for those that have them.

Dogs of different breeds vary immensely in physical appearance, personality traits, and overall abilities. Some may be better swimmers than others, while some dog breeds may be great for being guards or watchdogs, such as the Australian Shepherd or German Shepherd.

In this article, we will explore the question, “What dogs have webbed feet?” We will discuss the top 5 dog breeds known for their webbed feet, their characteristics, and the advantages that come with this anatomical trait. 

Whether you’re a dog enthusiast or curious about canine adaptations, you’ll find this information intriguing and informative.

Do All Dog Breeds Have Webbed Feet?

In most senses, all dog breeds have particular webbed feet. However, certain dog breeds have fully developed webbed feet that allow them to swim more efficiently, as opposed to dogs who don’t have such a trait.

This trait can be beneficial if you are looking to train a dog as a lifeguard to help people who are drowning or retrieve lost objects lying on the water.

What Dogs Have Webbed Feet?

If you are interested in the arts of swimming and want to have a swimming companion, that is a dog. It might be essential to look towards dog breeds highly fond of swimming. 

You may look at some of the few dogs who may have such fondness for swimming while also having  webbed feet to boot:

01 Portuguese Water Dog

With a distinctive appearance of frilly and floppy ears, these curly-haired dog breeds are particularly efficient at swimming and high-energy dogs. 

Bred for working in the water, these dog breeds can be trained to be even better at swimming as they are naturally able to do so; these dogs can herd fish towards fishing nets to help fishermen capture them.

Portuguese Water dogs are especially effective if you want to retrieve an item you may have dropped, perhaps in the swimming pool or the ocean; these dogs are brilliant and easily trainable.

 02 Labrador Retriever

Friendly and always eager to please, the Labrador Retriever dog breeds are some of the finest dogs who are all-rounders in various tasks. These dogs are social enough to interact even with strangers and are always enthusiastic and looking for an excellent old game of fetch or some heavy-duty exercise.

Additionally, these dogs also have webbed feet that make them the ideal candidate for swimming efficiently. Hence these dogs are excellent as retrievers of lost objects in the sea or simply as swimmers.

03 Newfoundland

Tall and intimidating, these tremendously large dogs may not look like it, but they are great swimmers thanks to the trait of their webbed feet. 

These dogs are brilliant and therefore are receptive to being socialized or otherwise trained to listen to various commands. As a result, these dogs can be made to be rescuers of those who are drowning in the sea.

However, these dogs could be better as guard doze, as they can often remain docile or even plentiful with strangers. Although, these dogs may not like it if their owners are harmed in any way possible.

 04 American Water Spaniel

With a slightly rugged look and thin disposition, the American Water Spaniel is more or less one of the finest swimming dogs with webbed feet. These curly-coated dog breeds are friendly and always eager for exercise, which may involve an hour of games and swimming.

These dogs are great with families and have a delicate temperament. These dogs are especially perfect for swimming under icy waters, thanks to their luscious coat.

05 Dachshund

Unlike other dogs with webbed feet, the specialty of dachshund dog breeds does not come to be swimming but instead digging. Webbed feet allow dachshunds to quickly dig deep burrows without feeling fatigued or injuring their feet. The webbing allows greater flexibility and a more extensive surface area for the strain to spread.

Therefore, as dachshunds are usually happy to dig, webbed feet allow them to do this task efficiently.

What Does It Mean When a Dog Has Webbed Paws?

A dog having webbed paws usually means that they belong to a specific dog breed, such as a Labrador Retriever, Newfoundland, or any other dog that has its specialties in swimming or digging alike. Therefore, such a trait should not be mistaken for a congenital disability as they are more or less an evolutionary trait meant for different purposes.


If you are confused about your dog’s webbed feet, this article should clarify your doubts about such a trait. However, suppose your dog does show abnormal symptoms. In that case, it might be essential to get them checked up by an animal vet to ensure that they are not facing a serious disease.

Common FAQs

01. Have All Dogs Got Webbed Feet?

Not all dogs have webbed feet. Webbed feet are a specific trait found in certain dog breeds that have adapted for activities such as swimming or navigating through water. It is not a characteristic present in all dog breeds.

02. What Dogs Have No Webbed Feet?

There are many dog breeds that do not have webbed feet. Breeds like Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, and Pugs are examples of dogs that typically do not possess webbed feet. These breeds have different foot structures and are not specifically adapted for activities requiring webbed feet.

03. What Dogs Have No Webbed Feet?

The Norwegian Lundehund is a dog breed known for having six toes on each foot. This unique characteristic, called polydactyly, gives them an advantage when climbing steep cliffs and navigating rugged terrains. The extra toes provide them with better balance and stability in challenging environments.

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