Top 10 Best Dog Food Brands in 2022 that Customers Trust

Do you love your dog? Do you want to nourish your dog with the best food? Well! Nutrition is the key to your dog’s health. Let me tell you; there are many brands in the market.

So, selecting the best one is a challenge due to competition in the market. It may lead to confusion and waste time & energy. To help you out, we have formed an article based on the top dog food brands in 2022.

Why trust us? Based on the best reviews and ratings from top animal nutritionists with their research, time, and testing hours, these brands will rule the year 2022. So, scroll down for more.

01 Royal Canin

Royal Canin was leading the dog food market in the year 2021; we think Royal Canin will remain one of the top dog food brands in 2022. Royal Canin is unique because it is suitable for all dog breeds, including small, large, old, and young. As a reason many customers trust this brand due to its top-notch quality.

We recommend you buy this product. As a result, it will keep your dog’s health incredible in the long run. In addition, the price is reasonable and provides high value to the customers.


Champion Petfoods produce an Orijen food brand for dogs. The ingredients in this food brand are versatile. And can be fed to dogs and cats. Due to its excellent features, it is on the list of top dog food brands to consider for the 2022 year.

Most importantly, it is pretty safe for dogs. It is produced from regional and fresh foods from the market. Safety protocols are followed. Per customer experience, every dog likes this food brand, even though they are picky about food intake.

Moreover, you will get different types of food under the Orijen brand. Above all, they offer a discount on prices at occasional times.

03 Blue Buffalo

Do you own dog puppies at home? If yes, Blue Buffalo is the ideal brand for you in Top dog food brands and will be the best choice for 2022. Importantly, understand the specific nutritional requirements of the puppies.

The aim is to stay healthy and strong. The available products under the Blue Buffalo brand include Blue Freedom, Blue Basics, Baby Blue, Blue Life Protection Formula, etc.

Whether you prefer dry or canned, it is available in both forms. The brand is quite specific in meeting the nutritional needs of the puppies. Blue Buffalo doesn’t compromise on its quality. You can check the ingredients used in their products on their official website.

Several experts and animal vets admire the Blue Buffalo brand. The food is produced in two United States-based factories. So, the food is not made by another company.

04 Nature’s Variety- Instinct

Nature’s Variety Instinct is a well-established brand in top dog food brands in 2022. Not only dogs but also manufacturers of food for other pets.

It is a Spanish brand known for dogs’ raw, grain-free, and natural foods. The gluten food is available in Nature’s Variety Instinct if you prefer.

This brand has gained a reputation due to the users’ positive experience. You will find several types of food that are specific in their macronutrients.

However, there are no impurities in the available dog food products. Indeed, there is the usage of racialization or the high-pressure processing process. The motive of the process is to meet the safety requirements. This brand is perfect for your dog if safety is your primary priority.

05 Wellness Core

Wellness Core deserves to be in the top dog food brands in 2022 due to its popularity. Moreover, you will see its name in supermarkets and online sites like Amazon.

WellPet is the top pet food that manufactures and promotes Wellness Core. Their primary purpose is to satisfy dog owners with excellent quality ingredients in the product.

This brand was established in 1997 by animal experts, food scientists, and vets. It is famous for its purity in the ingredients.

Different wet and dry dog foods are available under Wellness Core’s brand name. The brand’s food products are perfectly suitable for large and small dogs. In addition, you can feed this product to a tailor-bred dog if you have one.

06 Castor and Pollux

Castor and Pollux are the top dog food brands in 2022 due to their global recognition. Know that it makes use of relatively high-quality ingredients. The goal is to fulfill the nutritional needs of your dogs.

The main ingredients involve flaxseed oil, brown rice, and chicken. There is the adjustment of a few ingredients as per the food categories. The food of this brand is organic and grain-free. Indeed, you will appreciate its unique quality.


IAMS is in the top dog food brands in the 2022 list because it is versatile. It is a remarkable brand due to the variety of foods perfect for dog breeds. The food production of this brand is not only for dogs but also cats.

The vets and animal nutritionists have invested hours of research and testing in developing this brand. It has one of the finest qualities in the market, without a doubt.

Dog food is divided into three core formulas. And they include Healthy Naturals, Premium Protection and Proactive Health. If you need a specific diet, it is available. Over the years, this brand has survived and grown.

As a reason, they never compromise on quality but follow high-quality standards. It makes them one of the most trustworthy brands in the market.

08 Bully Max

For instance, you own a bully dog. In that case, the Bully Max dog food brand is perfect. It will meet the dietary needs of your bulldog. Don’t worry if you have another breed because it is also suitable for other dog breeds.

This brand product is quite beneficial for strong and active dogs. Moreover, it will provide your dog with high calories. As per the details, it is for the pit bull breed.

Let me tell you; it is wrong because other breeds can also consume this food brand. So, Bully Max will be under top dog food brands in 2022.

09 Crave

Crave has made its place among the top dog food brands in 2022 due to its supreme quality. Most importantly, it uses excellent ingredients that generate a mind-blowing experience for its user. So, it helps the brand retain its users in the long run.

Uniquely, this dog brand food has over 45% protein per quantity. A few vegetables and fruits are added to meet the nutritional needs of the dogs.

We guarantee your dog will love this food brand and carve for more. Sometimes, it is wise to try Crave brand food for your dog. And notice the way they react.

10 Victor Dog Food

Are you seeking a budget-friendly for your dog? Then, the victor dog food brand is a great option. It will be in the top dog food brands in 2022 because the cost is only $2.23 for each pound.

Amazingly, you get a less-costly product with one of the best quality. If you own a normal-sized dog, 36% protein in a product is enough. The ingredients include pork, chicken, and beef.

If you feed this brand of food to your dog, it will meet the macronutrients. Moreover, your dog will get nutrients like Omega 3 & 6, minerals, and vitamins. Hence, investing in Victor Dog food brands with desirable quality is wise.

Bonus: Premium CBD Products

If you are a Pet parent, you should know about CBD (Cannabidiol) Pet products, which are fast growing in popularity for humans and pets. CBD is the marijuana plant that contains two main active ingredients, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), which do not cause a “high” on your Pets, as studies suggest.

Some studies and veterinarians’ professional experiences recommend that CBD can have a wide range of potential health benefits for your pets. Currently, there is no CBD dog food available in the market, but you can buy them in the form of treats and oils. Check out some CBD-based All-Natural CBD Treats for your dogs and cats.


We hope you got the insight into the top dog food brands in 2022. So, you don’t have to waste your time and energy on knowing the best one. Above all list, you can select the best brand per your dog’s nutritional requirements.

Keep in mind to consider the breed, size, age, and more details before deciding on food brands. If you have any queries, comment in the section below.

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