Sprocker Spaniel – Everything You Need to Know

Sprocker Spaniel – Everything You Need to Know

Since a long time ago, dog breeds have been experimented upon to produce breeds of different varieties and personalities. This includes combining genes of different dog breeds to create a dog that is the best of both breeds.

One such hybrid mix is the Sprocker Spaniel, a mixed breed of the Cocker Spaniel and the Springer Spaniel. This article will deal with the Sprocker Spaniel – everything you need to know about this particular dog breed.

Sprocker Spaniel History

While the exact history is unknown, it is generally accepted that British gamekeepers made sprocker spaniels in Scotland specifically as a gundog to help with tasks that required hard work. Their origins date back to somewhere around 1997.

However, the parents of the sprocker spaniel have origins far wider and known as these dogs date back to around the 1600s, around which only one spaniel dog breed was known. As time passed, the spaniels, such as the cocker spaniel and springer spaniels, were used for hunting games.

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Sprocker Spaniel Temperament

The sprocker spaniel is a cross between a cocker and a springer spaniel; the mixed breed is often wildly energetic. It can be a good family dog if appropriately handled. Mainly, not having the kids at your house play “roughhouse” with your sprocker, always ensuring to get your sprocker a breath of fresh air daily for at least 60-90 minutes, and exercises in between.

Otherwise, sprocker spaniels are happy-go-lucky dogs who seek loving attention from their owners. They will go well with children. Thanks to their easygoing temperament, sprocker spaniels are highly trainable. They will quickly learn the concepts of commands in their training.

Sprocker Spaniel Diet and Nutrition

A sprocker spaniel will need as much love and care as you would give to any other dog. For diet and nutrition, you may need to measure the weight of your sprocker spaniel to give them a proper diet.

If you have sprocker puppies between 2,3 and 6 months, then feeding them a branded dog food of around 50 or 180g will suffice. A sprocker around 16 kg or more will need at least 300g of food or even more if they are highly energetic.

Also, ensure that proper weaning is done to the sprocker puppies before feeding them proper dog food, as suddenly changing their diet may cause troubling side effects.

Sprocker Spaniel General Care

As sprocker spaniels have wavy coats, they need proper care and maintenance through either professional grooming or at home to avoid matting or staining. Doing the brushing of a coat daily or even weekly may work.

Sprocker spaniels are also high-energy dog breeds, so owners should ensure to provide their sprocker with the appropriate amounts of activity and exercise to keep them from becoming sick or depressed.  Generally, 90 minutes of walking and intense exercise are recommended for the best results. However, 60 minutes may work if one is short on time.

As for the diet, it is always recommended to consult with an animal veterinarian first to get a proper diet chart instead of going into a sprocker’s diet blindly, as the improper balance of vitamins and minerals may affect the dog negatively.

Sprocker Spaniel Health Issues

Crossbreeds may generally have fewer health issues than their parents. However, they may still experience health problems affecting other dog breeds. Some of the common health problems that may come up are

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Eye problems (Glaucoma, cataracts etc.),
  • Allergies
  • Phosphofructokinase (PFK) deficiency.

Otherwise these problems, a healthy sprocker spaniel can easily live for 10-14 years. Therefore, it is recommended to keep getting your sprocker checked by a professional animal vet for at least a month or a week.

Sprocker Spaniel Grooming and Coat Color

Sprocker spaniels, with their medium-length wavy coats, may shed more often during seasonal changes and hence require thorough brushing at least once a week along with gentle brushing daily.

Since these dogs are highly energetic, they may engage in activities that dirty up their coats and require regular baths. Coat colours may include black, white, chocolate, roan, liver or tricolours/solid.

Sprocker Spaniel Size and Weight

Sprocker Spaniels, a mix of cocker spaniel and springer spaniel, have their weights and height in amounts that are just between both its parents. A Sprocker spaniel may have an average size of around 14-20 inches with a weight of 30-44 lbs. However, weight may change depending on the nutrition given to the sprocker spaniels.


Sprocker spaniels, as stated before, are some of the fascinating dog breeds as they are a combination of some of the best working dogs (cocker spaniels, springer spaniels) and may just be the best choice for adoption as a pet.

It may, however, be a requisite for the owner to properly take care of their sprocker pups and their weaning process to ensure they grow up healthy and fit.


Do Sprockers calm down?

If a sprocker spaniel has become agitated, it may be due to a change or environment, or children might roughhouse the dog. In such a case, petting the dog and leaving them alone may calm them down, as sprockers are generally gentle dogs. If the sprocker is not calming down, a walk in the park might stimulate them.

Do Sprockers need a lot of exercises?

In simple terms, yes. Sprocker spaniels are high-energy dogs and, therefore, may need around 70-90 minutes of exercise to keep them happy and fit while ensuring they do not gain weight. Making them swim can also be beneficial as these dogs are naturally good swimmers and will be more than happy to do this activity.

How do I stop my Sprocker from jumping?

If you are having trouble with your sprocker spaniel jumping up and down from the excitement, then it is time to train them by using commands. Through this, you can give signals to command them to sit down. Always ensure to give positive reinforcement to your sprocker whenever they follow your commands to promote this behaviour further.

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