My Dog Won’t Eat in The Morning Anymore

My dog Won't Eat in The Morning Anymore

Suppose you have recently noticed that your dog hasn’t been eating well in the morning or is outright not eating anything, especially in the mornings. In that case, it might cause them a lot of weakness and worry over such behavior.

Why my dog won’t eat in the morning anymore? This a question that may come up at times because of the complexity of what might affect a dog.

This article will deal with this topic and explain what could be troubling your dog.

My dog won't eat in the morning anymore – Reasons

If your dog suddenly stopped eating his breakfast in the morning anymore, then there could be a few reasons why your dog might be doing such a thing.

My dog won’t eat in the morning anymore; read below to get a clear look at some of the reasons:

Your dog is not feeling well

If your dog is not eating anymore, it might be that it is feeling very sick. It could be a simple upset stomach or a more severe condition such as Canine Bloat (Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus, which may develop due to a dog eating their food or drinking water from their bowl in a very haphazard and quick way, resulting in the inhalation of abnormal amounts of air.

Canine Bloat can be a lethal condition; one of the main symptoms of this can manifest as your dog trying futilely to retch constantly, trying to vomit out the contents of his stomach except with nothing coming out.

Your dog might also show lethargy, with heavy panting and a slightly swollen stomach; if your dog displays any of these symptoms, call the vet immediately.

Won’t my dog eat in the morning anymore? Check to ensure your dog has no upset tummy or a more serious medical condition.

Your dog is feeling mixed amounts of emotions

Dogs are creatures of unbridled emotions; they might as well be wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Dogs will often pace around if they are excited due to either the thought of going out with their owners for a walk or simply going to a place they like.

In this case, if your dog is feeling excited, he might not eat the food given and may walk around excitedly.

On the other hand, your dog may also refuse to eat the food in the morning if they are very anxious or stressed; in this case, they might be in a constant state of ‘fight or flight’ and may simply be trying to calm themselves down by pacing.

You can best calm your dog if he is anxious by petting them gently and trying to give them toys to play around with.

Your dog might just hate the food or has no routine for eating

Some dogs can be rather picky eaters and may outright refuse to eat their food in the morning when given, especially if they smell something rather foul or there is an ingredient they do not prefer.

Dogs not eating their food in the morning might also mean that they may have a sort of allergy to the food being given and are trying to avoid it.

If not that, your Dog could also have a routine of Free-feeding, which in simple terms means having no schedule for eating food; hence they might eat their food in a non-sequential manner rather than having a basic routine.

My Dog Won’t eat in the morning anymore? It might just be that your Dog wants excellent ol’ meat and therefore is not having it with a green diet or has no eating routine.

They have sensed a female dog’s heat

A dog’s sense of preservation and appetite may dive if they sense a female dog’s scent while she is in her heat cycle (estrus); female dogs typically release a pheromone called Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate which can overwhelm the senses of a male dog with sexual urges, and make them pursue and track down the female dog in question to mate with them.

Why my dog won’t eat in the morning anymore? He is feeling the Heat and therefore doesn’t care about eating anything in the morning as he is more focused on looking for the female.

Refer to Why Does Male Dog Won’t Eat When Female is in Heat for more details about female dogs being in their heat cycle and its effects on a male dog.

Your dog either has ate something already or has dental problems

Dogs can be voracious eaters, especially when given a chance; if your dog is not eating in the morning anymore, it could be that they are already eating something at midnight to bring them a sense of satiety.

It could also be that they are having a dental problem and hence mouth pain, as dogs might often bite down or chew on something that is not meant to be, and they might unintentionally damage their gums.

If you have been neglecting to brush your dog’s teeth, it might be time to start doing it and get them checked by a dental veterinarian for any rot in the teeth or cavities.

My dog won’t eat in the morning anymore -Conclusion

Won’t my dog eat in the morning anymore? These are some of the few reasons which might just be troubling your dog; if your dog has suddenly stopped eating in the morning without any reason, it might indicate a medical issue that you should get checked by an animal vet as soon as possible.

Also, ensure proper care for your dog’s dental hygiene, so they do not acquire mouth problems in the future.

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