My Dog is Restless and Won’t sit Still. Know What is Happening with Your Dog

My Dog is Restless and Won’t sit Still

If you have recently noticed that your dog has been rather anxious and is refusing to rest, that would be a problematic behavior that would make you question why your dog is restless and won’t sit still.

A dog unable to rest and always going around places means they are in a state of possible distress, but why would that be? Keep reading below to know all about this! This article will deal with precisely the reasons why your dog is restless.

My dog is restless and won't sit still

My dog is restless and won’t sit still; this question can arise in the minds of many owners of their dogs if they see their dog behaving restlessly. There can be many reasons for such a change in your dog; some of them are:

  • They are in pain: Pain is often the most likely reason a dog is restless at various times and hence is unable to sit still. It might be that they have sprained their limbs and suffered an injury. In such a case, the best way to get your dog to sit still is to try and see if they have gotten any injury and treat it as soon as possible.
  • They are anxious or excited. Dogs can also become restless due to feeling various emotions such as stress or excitement; your dog may feel excited due to perhaps the thought of going to a new place or a place they prefer (day-care or like); they will also feel anxious due to your absence or at the thought of going to a place they mainly are not fond of. In all these cases, your dog will pace around restlessly and may refuse to sit still in a place.
  • They might have ingested or smelled something toxic. Your dog may have ingested or even smelled something toxic and now feel the poison’s effects. The licking of a Sonoran Desert Toad can often poison a dog and cause them to feel terrible side effects of it. If you see your dog holding a Sonoran Desert toad, you should immediately wash your dog’s mouth thoroughly, most preferably with a garden hose if possible.

    My dog is restless and won’t sit still; this can be due to your dog feeling the effects of poison; hence try to get them to a vet as soon as possible if you cannot treat them at home.

  • They might be bored. Sometimes, little to no activity for a dog can cause them to start moving around in hopes of doing something worthwhile; your dog might be bored and is looking for some fun activity.
  • They have caught a scent of something that is not usually meant to be. In worst-case scenarios, your dog may have caught a scent of something that is not meant to be in your house; it could be something harmless… Or might indicate something much worse as it could be an indication of a possible intruder being in a house that is agitating your dog.

Why is my dog restless and won’t sit still? In most cases, your dog might just be behaving as such due to behavioral issues like some listed above; it could even be as small as fleas resting in your dog’s body and annoying them.

In worst-case scenarios, they may indicate a possible danger to your house or a medical condition such as a brain tumor or kidney disease. If you suspect your dog has medical symptoms and might need a deeper look, then make sure to take them to an animal vet as soon as possible.

How can I help my dog with restlessness?

Suppose your dog is experiencing symptoms due to pain or perhaps emotions. In that case, the best you can do is try and alleviate the pain they might be experiencing from an injury by treating it with a cold wrap and using the meds or treatment as prescribed by a vet.

Otherwise, if your dog has the habit of staying with you and suffers from separation anxiety from you, possibly going outside or leaving them in a daycare, you can try playing with them as soon as you come back and meet them. Or you may try to find a dog daycare that your dog may enjoy and play around in.

You can also look for fleas residing inside your dog’s fur, as fleas are often known to make houses inside the fluffy depths of a dog, and this may cause them to become restless and move around without sitting still.

Otherwise, any medical issues, such as a failing kidney or conditions, such as Canine Bloat, due to the sudden inhalation of extreme amounts of gas, air, and food consumption, may cause your dog to walk around restlessly without sitting still.

Canine Bloat, in particular, can be a lethal condition for your dog as it causes the twisting of the insides of a stomach due to the gas building from drinking or eating too fast for a dog; this can be alleviated by making sure your dog eats their food or drinks water slowly.

If otherwise, you can’t find why your dog might be restless, then the most prudent decision would be to bring your dog to a vet as soon as possible; otherwise, whatever they are facing might turn out to be eventually fatal for them.

Why is my dog restless and won’t sit still? You will have to work a bit harder as a dog owner to find the reason, as some of those listed above can be essential for you and your dog.

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