Top 100 Islamic Cat Names (2023) You Will Love

100 Islamic Cat Names

Choosing the perfect name for your cat is a big deal, especially if you’re thinking about going for an Islamic Cat name in 2023. In this all-in-one guide, we dig into why naming your pet holds special importance in Islamic culture. We’re also sharing our top 100 Islamic cat names for this year. Come along as we explore names that are not only meaningful but also perfect for your furry friend.

Why Names Matter in Islamic Pet Culture

Pets are treasured beings in Islam, and naming them is seen as an act of kindness. Prophet Muhammad, celebrated for his love for animals, always encouraged giving pets names that have good meanings. He even named his own cat Muezza. When you name your cat, you’re doing more than just giving it a tag; you’re showing it love and honor.

What to Think About When Naming Your Cat in Islamic Style

Gender Matters: First, look at whether your cat is a boy, girl, or can go with a unisex name. There are Islamic names that fit every gender.

Go for Meaning: Choose names that have good meanings. This adds an extra layer to your cat’s identity and also aligns with Islamic principles.

Easy to Say: Pick names that roll off the tongue easily. It helps when you’re calling for your cat or bonding with it.

Keep it Short: Short names are often easier for daily use. Think about what’s easy for you to say regularly.

Cultural Touch: If you want, look for names that have a cultural or historical background.

What Feels Right: In the end, choose a name that you like and that you think suits your cat.

How to Use the Name You Pick

After you’ve found that perfect name, here’s how to make the most of it:

Stay Consistent: Always use the same name when you’re talking to your cat. This helps your cat learn its name faster.

Make it Positive: Connect the name with good things like tasty treats or fun playtime. This helps your cat like its name more.

Teaching the Name: Slowly teach your cat to respond when you call its name. Give it a small reward when it does.

Top 100 Islamic Cat Names for 2023

And now for the main event! Let’s check out our hand-picked list of the top 100 Islamic cat names for 2023. We’ve sorted them by gender to help you find the best fit more easily. We also include the Arabic script, what the name means, and which gender it best suits.

S. No.NameArabic NameGenderMeaning & Applicability
1ZaraزاراFemalePrincess; perfect for your royal feline.
2TariqطارقMaleMorning Star; for a cat that loves the morning.
3MiskمسكUnisexMusk; for a cat with a unique scent or charm.
4NuraنوراFemaleLight; ideal for a cat that brightens your life.
5SabaصباFemaleMorning; for a cat that’s an early riser.
6YaraياراFemaleSmall Butterfly; perfect for a dainty or delicate cat.
7RamiراميMaleArcher; suited for a playful, mischievous cat.
8LunaلوناFemaleMoon; for a cat with a celestial beauty or calm demeanor.
9JamalجمالMaleBeauty; for a strikingly handsome cat.
10LaylaليلىFemaleNight; for a cat that’s most active at night.
11QamarقمرUnisexMoon; for a cat that has a calming presence.
12NajiناجيMaleSafe; for a cat that makes you feel secure or is particularly cautious.
13BadrبدرMaleFull Moon; for a cat with a full, rounded personality.
14AsadأسدMaleLion; suited for a courageous or regal cat.
15FaraفاراFemaleJoy; for a cat that brings happiness and delight.
16AydinأيدينMaleEnlightened; for a wise or perceptive cat.
17ZiyaضياءMaleLight; for a cat that lightens up your moods.
18SimbaسمباMaleLion; another great name for a brave male cat.
19RajaراجاFemaleHope; for a cat that uplifts you.
20KashanكاشانMaleStar; for a cat that shines in your life.
21YasirياسرMaleWealthy; for a cat that enriches your life in many ways.
22FarisفارسMaleHorseman, Knight; for a chivalrous or brave cat.
23LuluلولوFemalePearl; for a cat that’s a true gem in your life.
24NajmaنجمةFemaleStar; for a cat that stands out.
25AzharأزهارUnisexFlowers; for a cat as beautiful as a bouquet.
26FirdausفردوسUnisexParadise; for a cat that makes your home feel like heaven.
27HaniهانيMaleHappy; for a constantly cheerful and playful cat.
28WafaوفاءFemaleFaithfulness; for a loyal companion.
29ZaidaزايدةFemaleAbundance; for a cat that brings plenty of joy.
30KaramكرمMaleGenerosity; for a giving and kind-hearted cat.
31IrfanعرفانMaleThankfulness; for a cat you’re especially grateful for.
32ZakiزكيMalePure; for a cat with a pure heart.
33MiraميراFemalePrincess; another royal name for your feline queen.
34TalaتالاFemaleGold; for a cat with a golden personality or coat.
35NoorنورUnisexLight; for a cat that serves as your guiding light.
36WardaوردةFemaleRose; for a beautiful and delicate cat.
37ImanإيمانFemaleFaith; for a cat that restores your faith in goodness.
38HadiهاديMaleGuide; for a cat that leads you to peace or happiness.
39DimaديماFemaleRainy Cloud; for a mysterious or moody cat.
40RayaراياFemaleSated with drink; for a cat that enjoys its milk or water.
41TaimaتيماءFemaleOasis; for a calming and refreshing presence.
42SadiqصادقMaleTruthful; for an honest, straightforward cat.
43MelekملكUnisexAngel; for your heavenly companion.
44SaharسحرFemaleDawn; for an early riser or a new addition to your life.
45SamiساميMaleElevated; for a cat that lifts your spirits.
46DanaداناFemaleKnowledge; for a perceptive or intelligent cat.
47BahaبهاءMaleValue; for a cat you hold in high regard.
48RidaرضاMaleContentment; for a content or satisfied feline.
49AmalأملFemaleHope; for a cat that gives you hope.
50YasmineياسمينFemaleJasmine; for a cat as beautiful as the jasmine flower.
51ZakiyaزكيةFemalePure; ideal for a cat with a pure and loving nature.
52FatinفاتنFemaleCaptivating; for a cat you find absolutely enthralling.
53RukiaروكياFemaleElevated; great for a cat with a lofty or noble demeanor.
54NabilنبيلMaleNoble; for a cat with a regal or dignified bearing.
55BaharبهارFemaleSpring; for a cat that brings renewal and growth into your life.
56RashaرشاFemaleYoung Gazelle; for a swift and graceful feline.
57AminأمينMaleTrustworthy; for a reliable and loyal companion.
58TariqطارقMaleMorning Star; for a cat that loves dawn or a new beginning.
59NuraنوراFemaleIlluminated; for a cat that lights up your world.
60FaridفريدMaleUnique; for a one-of-a-kind feline companion.
61AzizaعزيزةFemaleBeloved; for a cat that is dear to your heart.
62IbtisamابتسامFemaleSmile; for a cat that makes you grin from ear to ear.
63LeenaليناFemaleTender; for a cat with a gentle and sweet disposition.
64MajidمجيدMaleNoble; for a feline with a majestic presence.
65FaisalفيصلMaleJudge; for a wise and discerning cat.
66SamaسماءFemaleSky; for a cat with an expansive personality or one that loves heights.
67LinaليناFemaleTender; another name for a sweet-natured cat.
68ZakirذاكرMaleRemembering; for a cat with a good memory or one you’ll never forget.
69TalibطالبMaleSeeker; for a curious and exploratory cat.
70TawfiqتوفيقMaleSuccess; for a cat that brings good fortune.
71SajidساجدMaleOne who bows; for a humble or submissive cat.
72BasimباسمMaleSmiling; for a cat that always seems happy.
73SafaصفاFemalePurity; for a cat with a pristine and innocent nature.
74HanifحنيفMaleTrue Believer; for a cat with a faithful disposition.
75HayaحياFemaleLife; for a cat that brings vitality to your life.
76FidaفداءFemaleRedemption; for a cat that has a transforming effect on you.
77AhdعهدFemalePledge; for a cat that signifies a commitment or bond.
78TharaثاراFemaleWealth; for a cat that enriches your life in ways more than one.
79QasimقاسمMaleDivider; for a cat that has a distinctive or separating feature.
80RaidaرايدةFemaleExplorer; for a cat that loves to discover new places.
81MalakملكUnisexAngel; for a heavenly and serene cat.
82IhsanإحسانMaleBeneficence; for a kind-hearted and generous cat.
83NidaندىFemaleCall; for a cat that has a distinct or lovely meow.
84LailaليلىFemaleDark-haired beauty; for a cat with beautiful dark fur.
85HalaهالةFemaleHalo; for a cat that seems almost angelic.
86AyaآيةFemaleSign; for a cat that signifies something special to you.
87RanaرناFemaleElegant; for a cat that carries itself with grace.
88TalaتالاFemaleStalk; for a cat that loves to stalk its toys or prey.
89ZainزينMaleBeauty; for a cat that is visually striking.
90DaliaدالياFemaleGrapevine; for a cat that’s the talk of the town or your home.
91NadiaناديةFemaleTender; for a cat that is gentle and loving.
92SuhailسهيلMaleCanopus Star; for a cat that stands out.
93UlaعلاءFemaleHigh Rank; for a cat that acts like royalty.
94NizarنزارMaleLittle; for a smaller cat with a big personality.
95FerozفيروزMaleSuccessful; for a cat that achieves all its little goals.
96AsifعاصفMaleGather; for a cat that loves to hoard toys or treats.
97TahirطاهرMalePure; for a cat with a pure soul and loving nature.
98RizwanرضوانMaleAcceptance; for a cat that has easily become a part of the family.
99SahilساحلMaleGuide; for a cat that seems to guide you in mysterious ways.
100ShadشادUnisexJoyful; for a cat that brings joy and happiness into your life.


Picking an Islamic name for your cat isn’t just about selecting a word; it’s a heartfelt journey imbued with cultural significance. It’s a reflection of the bond you share with your pet and the esteem you hold for Islamic values. Our curated list of the top 100 Islamic cat names for 2023 is here to guide you to that ideal name for your cherished feline.

We’d love to hear the name you’ve chosen! Share it and your naming journey in the comments. If this guide was a beacon in your search, spread the word to fellow cat enthusiasts looking for that perfect Islamic name. For more insights and advice on pets, don’t forget to browse through our site.

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