Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed Facts and Personality Traits

All you need to know about the Irish Wolfhound Dog Breeds. A complete profile on the breed information, history, personality, adaptability, food, and care, etc.,

Dog Breed Group

Hound Dogs



32 to 35 inches tall at the shoulder


115 to 180 pounds


Life Span:

6 to 8 years





Overall 100%
Affectionate With Family
Affectionate with Kids
Affectionate with other Dogs
Affectionate with Strangers


Overall 40%
Tolerates Being Alone
Tolerates Cold Weather
Tolerates Hot Weather
First Time Owners
For Apartment Living
Sensitivity Level

Health And Grooming

Overall 60%
General Health
Potential For Weight Gain
Breed Size
Shedding Amount
Easy To Groom
Drooling Amount


Overall 60%
Easy To Train
Intelligence Level
Level of Prey Drive
Potential For Mouthiness
Barking & Howling Level
Wanderlust Potential

Physical Needs

Overall 60%
Energy Level
Exercise Needs
Intensity Level
Potential For Playfulness

Overview of the Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed:

The Irish wolfhound is a famous breed from Ireland and they were found in several poems and mythology. They are very tall and used in the wars during the ancient historical times. They were also used in hunting games like deer, boar and wolves. The Irish Wolfhounds are tall and firm. So, they could do all the guard dog tasks.

History of the Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed:

The Irish wolfhound has a marvelous history wherever it sets its foot. The dog found its place in the Warfield too. Their main job is to pull the men in the horse or chariots down. This made the dog have all the fame and respect among the kings and wise men. According to the Irish laws, these dog breeds were used only by the kings and nobles. Later, during 1897, the Irish Wolfhound dog breed was registered with the American kennel club.

Personality of the Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed:

The Irish Wolfhound has a welcoming personality and they will always look for the human companionship. Inside the home, they are calm and composed. While they are out for the duty they are more watchful but never suspicious. He is very sensitive and using harsher words would make him dull. Irish Wolfhound dog breed always looks for appraisals and rewards.

Feeding (Diet and Nutrition):

The Irish Wolfhounds are very strong in shape with the muscular body. They have huge mass built inside. So they require heavy food. It is recommended to feed them with 4 to 8 cups of food. Irish Wolfhound dog breeds are good eaters of barley, oatmeal and brown rice. Feed the grains and vegetables to keep the fiber and nutrient content.

General Care:

The Irish Wolfhounds have a week joints so don’t allow them to walk on the stairs often. They often tend to chase the other pet animals so fencing is required. Or else they may get hurt on the roads. The Irish wolfhounds require daily exercises at least for 20 to 30 minutes per day. But avoid the exercise before an hour of a meal.

Common Health Problems:

The Irish Wolfhounds are good in maintaining their health status. But like all the other dogs they get prone to the diseases. It may put them in vain. There are some chances of inheriting from the parents. So it is advisable to get the health clearance from the quality breeders while buying them. The commonly affected diseases of Irish Wolfhound dog breed are as below:

  • Anesthesia sensitivity
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Liver shunt
  • Fibrocartilaginous Embolic Myelopathy
  • osteosarcoma

Coat Color and Grooming:

The Irish wolfhounds come in a rough and hard coating. They have wiry and long hair under their eyes and jaws. The color of the coats may be in red, black, white, fawn, gray and brindle. Weekly brushing is enough for them. Also, this dog breeds keep their body clean so bathing is not necessary often. Brush them regularly to remove the tartars inside the teeth.

Size and Weight:

The Irish Wolfhound is one of the tallest dogs recorded in the kennel clubs. The male dogs could stand at around 32 to 35 inches and they weigh at least 120 pounds and a maximum of 180 pounds. Whereas the female dogs stand at least 30 inches and weigh around 105 to 140 pounds.