How to Swaddle a Dog. What a Dog Parent Should Know

How to Swaddle a Dog

The critical question which arises here is how to swaddle a dog. The effect swaddling has on babies is almost the same as it does on the pups. There is a noticeable difference in the methodology, but the underlying mechanism remains the same.

The relationship between humans and animals has evolved since the dawn of civilization. Dogs are said to be man’s best friend and are known to be one of the most common animals kept as pets.

Now that we are talking about dogs let’s discuss how to take care of them. Swaddling babies has been in practice for quite a long time; it has been proven to soothe babies and protect them from their reflexes.

How to Swaddle a Dog : Basics and Benefits

First, let us look at the benefits and situations in which you should try swaddling your puppy. 

For anxious dogs

Swaddling has proven to be of great assistance if you have an apprehensive dog or a situation that might trigger your dog. During festivals, celebrations are going on all around. The sound of fireworks can be a trigger causing them to shiver, howl uncontrollably, self-harm, and other anxiety-driven symptoms. When you know how to swaddle a dog, you might be able to help them calm down and avoid panic attacks. 

For grooming

Maintaining hygiene can be tricky with the little devils if they are hyperactive or non-cooperative. Whether clipping nails, grooming fur or giving them any medication, it all comes down to how still your pet can stay. So, to make the task easy, voilà SWADDLE!! It will not only help you but might also loosen them up. 

Immunity and relief

One of the lesser-known benefits of swaddling is that it can stimulate the release of certain hormones known to relieve pain, known as endorphins. They help reduce pain and lead to a state of contentment and enhanced immune response. All you need to learn is how to swaddle a dog well and correctly.

The thing that should be kept in mind is that while some dogs love to be swaddled as it puts them at ease, others might reciprocate negatively. It would be best if you were careful to avoid triggering them further. 

How to Swaddle a Dog : The right way!!

Remember that it doesn’t matter if you know how to swaddle a dog but if you do it correctly. You need to check on your pup to see if there is any provoking element around and start with the swaddling at the first hint of uneasiness. The time you decide to swaddle your dog also plays excellent importance; it will not be beneficial if you start the wrapping after they have had multiple signs of anxiety, which might trigger them further.


There are different ways to approach swaddling. You can choose the one which suits your dog the best from the ones explained further in this article. 

Let us look at all the ways how to swaddle a dog individually.

Bundle them up!

The best way to calm your bundle of happiness is to bundle them. It’s straightforward and effective; all you need is a blanket (their favorite one might work the best). Take the blanket and your pupper, make a burrito, and you are done! This might be preferable for smaller dogs. Also, if you can make the blanket smell like you, even better. 

You need to ensure that you or someone in your family always stays close to the dog when it’s bundled. The fact that they are bound with no one there with them might cause agitation. 

Make a X wrap!

Now with this method, you need to be a bit careful. It’s best if you use a bandage or soft texture garment so it doesn’t irritate their skin. Ensure you follow the steps below so you can perfectly know how to swaddle a dog. 

It would be best to find the middle of the bandage/garment and put it at their chest, then take it back, making an ‘X’ between the dog’s shoulder blades. Take the garment and wrap it under their belly again, making an ‘X,’ pull the ends, and tie it in a knot on the dog’s back. 

We advise you to do it once without stress, so your dog gets familiar with it. This will help ensure that your dog is comfortable with it and that you can do it faster now that you have already practiced it! 

Bring a sling!

What could be more adorable than your little pupper popping its head out of a sling bag? Can you be the source of comfort while completing tasks like cleaning, cooking, or reading an article on how to swaddle a dog ?


Wraps can be tricky to put, and the fact that you constantly need to check if your dog is comfortable or not could make it a hassle. 

Thundershirts come with velcro straps which are easier to put on, and the effect they induce is the same as wraps. Since they are made professionally and come in varying sizes, you don’t have to be worried about them being too tight or too loose. With thunder shirts, you can do the swaddling without going into the specifics of how to swaddle a dog. You can continue your activities while your dog is peacefully sleeping. 

To enhance the effect of swaddling

Acupressure has been in practice since ancient times, but I bet you didn’t know it could work for your dogs too! Now that you have learned how to swaddle a dog correctly, all you need to do is cuddle them up close to you while stroking their head, applying a little pressure, and it would alleviate the anxiety. Using this method, you could enhance the overall experience of your pet with swaddling. 

How to Swaddle a Dog : Blunders to avoid !

  • As we mentioned earlier, swaddling may not be acceptable to every dog. Don’t ever try to force them into it. Swaddling isn’t the only way to calm them down; look for other options. 
  • Take care while bundling and wrapping, not to do it too tight. It should be loose enough to let them breathe and not give them the sense that they cannot get out of it themselves. It will make them feel trapped. 
  • Don’t rely on swaddling every time. Always try different approaches, so they don’t lose their effectiveness. If necessary, consult your vet for tips on swaddling a dog. 

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