How to Get a Stray Cat to Trust You


All animals have their little personalities, like the way humans do. Cats are independent. Particularly the female cats. Gaining a cat’s trust is one of the impossible tasks for the cat owner.

Cats are always the boss in their world. You have to nurture this animal to gain people’s trust through personality. Like humans, ‘cats’ personalities are also coupled with their instincts, similar to how humans are born with instincts.

You can learn some of their personality through nurture; some are part of instinct.

Things You Can Do To Gain Your Cat Trust:


01 Never break your promise

If you offer your cat a treat by shaking the treat bag, then consistently deliver the treat to your cat. Never break the animal’s trust, use the treat bag to call the cat, and then just put it away; never break your promise and consistently deliver on them. This is one of the best ways to gain her trust and make her presence near you.

02 Be gentle

Allow Your Cat to come close to you on its own and sniff you without your offering. When your Cat approaches you, gently hold out your hand so that your Cat can get a good whiff of your scent. 

Look into your Cat eyes and slowly blink your eyebrows, by doing this will improve your cat’s trust, and your Cat will be able to sense your emotions and your intentions naturally.

03 Do not be noisy around your cat

Cats never like noisy places; they always want to rest in peaceful places. So, Avoid loud or startling noises near your Cat or at resting places. When you are near your Cat, never make a sudden, quick move, loud noise, or a sudden vibration. 

This will cause your Cat to think, “loud and scary things happen in your presence.” When you are at home, always be near your Cat so she can know your presence.

04 Make a little distance for a while

If your Cat is nervous, don’t feed the treat with your hand, and keep a little distance while eating until she is comfortable. When your Cat comes near you, welcome her with the treat, this teaches your Cat that good things happen in your presence, and sometimes, they get a treat. Every Cat loves to treat, so offering your Cat a treat is one of the best ways to get your Cat trust.

05 Never force anything with your cat

Never force your Cat when you reach out to pat them. If the Cat jumps back, never force her and slowly extend your hand, allowing him to sniff you, and gently touch him softly. 

Let your Cat move his head and body to where she wants to be scratched or rubbed.  This way, the Cat will consider you his mother and begin to bond with you.

06 Never punish your cat

When your cat does something wrong, never spank them or make a loud noise. Instead, use them to show her what she did patiently in their way. If she peed outside the litter box, you gently pick up your cat, show him the pee and then place her in the litter box and allow her to scratch. This will help her see this is where she is to use the bathroom.

07 Spent some play time with your cat

Cats are very playful and funny to watch. Even if your cat is not playing by herself, trick her into playing with you or her toys. Give yourself time to play with her daily and buy her good toys. 

If your cat doesn’t like toys, don’t force it to play with them. Instead, put that toy away and try new toys for her interest.

08 Be patient!

So, I hope you are something by reading this, and one more never lose in your cat. Believe it or not, these are everyday things every cat owner faces until they get their cat’s trust. So, always be patient, never lose hope, and never give up.

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