How Often Do You Feed a Betta Fish

How Often Do You Feed a Betta Fish

The Betta Fish, also appropriately named “Siamese fighting fish” due to its inherently combative and predatory nature, is probably one of the most beautiful fishes ever to grace this planet. Being as vibrant as the northern lights(Aurora Borealis) and abstractly designed as a piece of art.

It would make sense to keep them well-fed to preserve their species. What you need to keep in mind is a specific routine for feeding your Betta Fish; they usually prefer eating something very high in protein. 

Their predatory nature could certainly know no bounds, from insects to shrimps and frozen bloodworms. Although you could feed them pellets, too, if your budget is not that good, we will look at this aspect of the Betta fish foods in this article.

How Often Do You Feed a Betta Fish

How Often Do You Feed a Betta Fish

Due to their predatory nature, Betta fishes are prone to wanting a diet relatively rich in protein; this often results in the owners of these fishes overfeeding them, causing horrific consequences. To create a familiar and safe routine for feeding your Betta Fish, follow these simple steps:

Select a diet for your Betta Fish

Carefully select the diet for your Betta Fish; for consistency and a proper diet, let us take pellets, for example. You should feed at least two or even three pellets depending on what kind of fellow your Betta is, but the typical rule is two pellets a day.

For the love of God, don’t overfeed your Betta Fish

This is a crucial step; if you overfeed them, they will bloat up and eventually suffer a fate that would not be up to your standards.

Treat your Betta Fish once or twice in a week

Treating your Betta to a frozen bloodworm won’t hurt, granted that you are not substituting their pellets for the treat. You could even feed them a little bit of Lettuce as it has some nutrients that could very well help a Betta as it is easily digestible.

How Much Food to Feed a Betta Fish

This mainly depends on their age; a baby Betta could very well be fed meals appropriate for their age at least three or more times a day.

A young adult Betta would require two pellets daily and treats on a day or two. A single Lettuce could be fed to a Betta as it has very high nutrients and could easily be digested by the Betta.

This doesn’t mean that you should feed them daily owing to their high nutrients; consider lettuce to be more or less a treat. 

Remember, select a pellet package formula explicitly created for a Betta; just outright feeding them any random pellet would make them sick. Bettas have a voracious appetite; they eat an entire pellet canister without stopping.

That is why you must constantly feed the pellets in moderation; otherwise, your Betta will be in danger of weight expansion and the problems that come with it.

You always have the option to either soak the pellets or feed them dry; the advantage of dry pellets is that they contain slightly more protein than a wet and puffed one. 

Simply put, your Betta’s diet should be mixed with pellets, frozen foods, insects, and fish flakes. Feed them to your Betta in moderation, and you will create a diet that keeps them happy and hearty.

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