How Often Do Chameleons Poop and Pee

How often do chameleons poop and pee

Taking care of a chameleon can be a tremendous task for a chameleon owner, especially if this is an owner’s first time owning a chameleon as a pet.

How often do chameleons poop and pee?  This must be a primary question in the minds of many chameleon handlers as they might want to make an accurate timetable of when a chameleon might defecate or urinate to be more prepared.

A chameleon, in general, will need thorough care in terms of their diet,  adjusting the UVB bulbs to ensure they get sufficient temperature to keep themselves warm, along with ensuring that they are getting their proper nutrients such as calcium.

How Often Do Chameleons Poop and Pee?

Contrary to how many mammals poo and pee in separate ways, a chameleon will usually do both simultaneously.

How often do chameleons poop and pee? A healthy chameleon may poop and pee for as much as five times a day, especially if they are getting a good diet and are overall well fed with sufficient water intake from the misting devices. Check this article to know How Long Can Chameleons Go Without Eating.

Younger chameleons, such as juvenile chameleons, will pee and poop more frequently than adults as they will poop at least once a day, unlike most adult ones, which tend to poop and infrequently pee in a week or two.

A healthy chameleon will typically have white ‘urates’ shown in their poop; the urate is essentially how chameleons pee, as they do not pee in common sense, by releasing urine water.

How often do chameleons poop and pee? A healthy or younger one should use it at least once a day, especially if they get more than a sufficient diet.

How Many Times a Day Does a Chameleon Poop?

How often do chameleons poop and pee, and how many times a day does a chameleon poop? A healthy chameleon, on average, may poop once in 5-7 days, whereas a juvenile chameleon will poop almost every day as they tend to eat more than an adult chameleon.

A juvenile chameleon, on average, is more willing to eat worms such as mealworms or earthworms based on their almost monstrous appetite; this, in turn, tends to make them poop every single day as they consume a ton of food to support their growth on the other hand as an adult chameleon, will tend to eat less as their metabolism rates are considerably slow compared to a young chameleon; this will make the adult chameleon less likely to poop in a single day and more to poop every few or more days only once.

How often do chameleons poop and pee? A healthy chameleon, even an adult veiled chameleon who is into eating a little bit more than usual, may poop and pee a few times a day, but that is only if the chameleon is in good shape and eating well.

Check this article to know what food chameleons can eat list of Worms, Insects, and Fruits.

Does Chameleon Poop Stink?

How often do chameleons poop and pee, and does chameleon poop stink? If you are the type to turn away at the sudden entrance of a rather unsavory smell, then you may find it reassuring to know that their poop and pee do not precisely ‘smell’ unless you put up your nose next to the rotting poop and smell it.

Although, parasitic infections or even foul mood due to stress can cause a chameleon’s poop and pee to smell rather horrendous and make an owner even retch in response.

Suppose you can smell a chameleon’s poop from a few meters or distance or less, along with the urates being a slightly different color. In that case, it most likely means that your chameleon has a bad case of a parasitic infection and might generally need a visit to the animal vet for an excellent health checkup.

How often do chameleons poop and pee and make their poop stink? A chameleon’s poop may usually not stink from a distance unless they are ill or have a specific parasitic infection from eating worms, especially the unclean ones that have not been rinsed.

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