How Many Times a Day Do Puppies Poop

How Many Times a Day Do Puppies Poop

How many times a day do puppies poop? If you have puppies or intend to have one, you might be wondering how their digestive system may work and whether they may poop too little or too frequently.

In this case, knowing how many times a day puppies poop will be immensely helpful for any owner looking to care for their puppies in the most rigorous way possible.

This article will deal with this topic and whether, at times, a puppy pooping too much might indicate something else.

How many times a day do puppies poop

How many times a day do puppies poop? Puppies usually poop depending on how much meal they eat per day and what sort of breed they are, along with their age is the main factor.

An extremely young puppy may poop as much as five times per day with or without a meal, as the act of drinking water will be enough to stimulate their bowel. If they are slightly older, such as eight weeks old, they may poop depending on their daily meals.

Usually, older puppies may go once or even twice per day. If their feeding schedule is 3-4 meals per day, then they will go pooping after having those meals respective after every 5-15 minutes or more.

How many times a day do puppies poop? In typical cases, 3-4 times a day or five times if they are younger.

Do puppies poop every time they eat?

While you may know how many times a day do puppies poop, you might still be wondering whether puppies poop every time they eat?

Yes, puppies poop after every meal; usually, 5-15 is the period a puppy will poop after a meal. This can include drinking water, as water will stimulate a puppy’s bowel enough to make them have the urge to defecate.

Although in cases of bowel impaction, the waiting period between the meal and pooping may vary and might even need medical intervention if it is not resolved at home.

How many times a day do puppies poop, and do puppies poop every time they eat? Puppies will indeed poop every time they eat.

How do you know when a puppy has to poop?

A puppy may usually try to show you various signs of having the urge to go and defecate immediately.

Puppies will usually bark at their owners, roam around restlessly or scratch at whatever objects they can get their paws on, and whine frequently; they may also sniff around as if they are trying to smell something.

If you notice these symptoms in your puppy, it might be time to immediately take them outside the house for a potty before they do the surprise on your floor’s carpet instead.

What if puppy doesn’t poop after eating?

How many times a day do puppies poop? While this might be known now, if your puppy is somehow refusing to poop after having a meal, then it might be time to take some steps to ensure that they empty their stomachs.

You can try feeding them 2-3 hours before bed and make sure they drink plenty of fluids and have a meal high in fiber.

If the puppy still doesn’t poop, try to make sure that they do not have an impacted bowel, in which case it might just be unable to poop rather than not wanting to poop.

Otherwise, taking them to the vet may be the best idea to ensure your puppy doesn’t fall sick due to not defecating after a meal.


How many times a day do puppies poop? They usually do it five times a day, especially if they are younger. However, it is essential to take a puppy to an animal vet if the puppy is not pooping after a meal, as it could indicate an issue with the intestine or even impaction of the bowel, which might be lethal for the puppy if not treated in time.

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