How Fast is a Chameleon Tongue Everything You Need to Know

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Ever wondered how fast a chameleon can shoot out their tongue? You must have seen your chameleon eat an insect at times by shooting out its tongue and eating the thing instantly.

How fast is a chameleon’s tongue going? That question may come to any chameleon owners as it might intrigue them how a chameleon can consume so quickly and effortlessly.

This article will deal with the shooting speed of a chameleon’s tongue and all the minor aspects of its relatively unique and speedy nature.

How fast is a chameleon tongue go

While a Cheetah is said to be one of the fastest animals in the world as they can run with or even outrun a car, It is not just a simple matter of statement that a chameleon’s shooting of its tongue is also some of the fastest in the world, a chameleon’s tongue can go from 0 km to 100 km/h in one-hundredth of a second, which is twice as fast than any cars, including some that are considered to be the fastest.

How fast is a chameleon tongue going? As far as that depends, the smaller the chameleon is, the faster it shoots out of the tongue, along with its tactile strength.

This is especially true for the Rhampholeon spinosus, also called the Rosette-nosed chameleon; this species of chameleon is the size of nearly a finger and can deliver its tongue lashing at the speed of 60 mph in just a matter of seconds.

Therefore, the question of how fast a chameleon’s tongue goes relies mainly on the species of chameleons, as the bigger, adult chameleons will have slightly lesser tongue acceleration and power than smaller ones.

Are chameleons spit sticky?

While you may know how fast a chameleon’s tongue might be wonderinwhethwhether a chameleon sticks or not, especially if you have seen an insect falling on the spend fruitlessly trying to get out.

Believe it or not, a chameleon’s spit is 400 times more sticky than human saliva; the tip of a chameleon’s tongue produces this sort of sticky mucus explicitly; this can work as a hunting weapon for a chameleon as they can use their spit to trap their prey into it.

And that is just the beginning; a chameleon’s spit is sticky enough to trap prey up to 60% the size of a chameleon. Hence a chameleon’s spit is probably one of the essential tools for a chameleon, especially if they are in the wild and looking for an insect to devour.

In simple terms, yes, a chameleon’s spit can be highly sticky as they produce mucus 400 times stickier than human saliva.

How sticky is a chameleon's tongue?

How fast a chameleon’s tongue is gone, and how sticky is a chameleon’s tongue? Since chameleons don’t wrap their prey around their tongues, it is a given fact that there must be some other mechanism that keeps their prey trapped on their tongues.

Just as a chameleon’s spit can be sticky, their tongue will also be sticky enough, 400 times more sticky and thicker than human saliva.

As chameleons mainly produce viscous and rather sticky mucus through the tip of their tongues, the tongue tips are supposed to be the stickiest parts they often rely on when capturing prey.

How fast is a chameleon tongue going? Well, as long as the chameleon is healthy, they will have varying speeds of tongue shots, the most prominent being the ones done by smaller chameleons.

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