Unlocking the Mystery: How Do Betta Fish Sleep and Understanding Their Resting Habits

How Do Betta Fish Sleep, Learn Their Sleeping Habit
Betta fish are known for their vibrant colours and unique personalities, but have you ever wondered how they sleep? Betta fish are nocturnal creatures, meaning they are most active at night and sleep during the day. However, their sleeping habits can vary depending on their environment and overall health.
How do Betta fish sleep? To ensure your Betta fish gets a good night’s rest, creating a comfortable sleeping environment is essential. This includes providing a dark, quiet space and a comfortable resting place.
If your Betta fish is not sleeping well, it could be a sign of stress or illness. Understanding their sleeping habits and providing a comfortable environment can help your Betta fish live a happy and healthy life. To know more about Betta fish sleeping habits, keep reading below!

Does Betta Fish Sleep a Lot?

Yes, Betta fish do sleep; this is where the Betta Fishes come in; considering their relatively active behavior, their sleep pattern mostly matches that of an average human as they usually sleep at night and might even sleep during the day, granted that they are tired enough.

The way they sleep would concern an owner for a part due to how the Betta exactly does that. They stop moving at a good place, as they don’t have eyelids; one might get scared that they have forever lost their inimitably beautiful fish to the icy grips of nothingness that is death.

That is why this article will mainly focus on this aspect of the Betta fish to clear away most of the fears an owner will face with their rather sleepy Betta simply rolling over at whatever convenient place they could find and just giving in to the fatigue.

How Long Does the Betta Fish Sleep

Betta fish sleep from 12 to 16 hours. Their usual sleeping period usually lasts around 12 to 14 or 16 hours. It is often quite a sight to see your Betta fish sleeping, for they sleep almost in a way similar to how a human would sleep.

Bettas are inherently hostile creatures, which is why they may often experience bouts of sleepiness and take naps even during the day.

Although they may not behave similarly as some Bettas could turn out to be immensely lazy and could have health issues like “Swim Bladder Disease,” which will often contribute to their poor sleep patterns and cause more trouble than usual.

But besides that, most healthy Betta fishes will sleep around 12-14 hours and take naps to replenish their energy on some more active days. 

The important part you should note is that; they are rather reactive; even coming near a Betta’s tank while they are sleeping would wake them up immediately and make them scurry away for a new resting place.

So take reasonable care not unintentionally disturb them while they are taking a much-needed rest. Please don’t worry about them whenever you see them not moving during the day, as they could be sleeping for a bit.

How Do Betta Fish Sleep?

Betta Fishes have sleeping habits similar to humans as they usually can sleep anywhere; the catch is that they are always alerted about their surroundings. This results in them being notoriously light sleepers and able to react to the slightest sound.

They have various exciting sleeping patterns; if they can find themselves makeshift beds, they could even sleep on their sides.

Although that one is a rarity reserved for specific circumstances, as a species that thrives on survival and fishing, they can slightly dim out their skin color as they sleep to better camouflage themselves in case a predator happens to stumble upon them. 

They can also keep their eyes open due to having no eyelids; this could lead to a new first-time owner getting shocked as to whether their Betta is dead or not.

Bettas usually figure out the time for sleep due to their natural body clock; they can also do that quickly if the owner turns the lights off at night. This can help the Betta fish sleep peacefully.

Even if they cannot sleep at night for any particular reason, like the lights being left on or the other, they will try to sleep or take naps during the daytime. After all, Bettas are comfortable with any setting; they could float up while sleeping even.

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When Do Betta Fish Sleep

Betta Fishes usually follow a pattern similar to humans; they sleep at night in total darkness. Betta fishes could also start taking naps from time to time if they are tired enough during the day; this is just a way for them to keep themselves going without falling victim to sleep deprivation, just like most bipedal mammals.

Betta fishes can sleep with the lights on in the form of napping, which is why it is essential for an owner keeping their Betta in an aquarium to make sure that they turn off the lights.

Although some Betta fishes may turn out to be simply lazy, which would result in them taking frequent naps during the day and giving their owners the time of their lives by making them think that they essentially “died.” 

Other reasons they would sleep during the daytime could be because they are sick in some way. However, they would be able to express their sickness through various behavioral changes, such as not engaging in activities like they used to and refusing to eat their food.

For an average Betta fish, sleeping at night with the lights turned off will be sufficient to give them proper rest.


As you have read throughout this article, knowing about your Betta’s sleeping patterns could come in handy often if you try to ensure that they don’t fall victim to their sleep deprivation.

It is also essential to know when your Betta is being lazy during the daytime by napping or if they are badly sick; neglecting either of the two could end up costing you the title of being a proud owner of the exquisite Betta fish.

Not only that, it will leave you with a feeling of utter emptiness, having lost something close to your heart.

Common FAQs: How long Do Betta Fish Sleep

How Do You Know if Your Betta Fish Is Sleeping?

When your Betta is staying in one place or any corner of the tank, Check the moment of your Betta mouth and gills to confirm if your Betta fish is sleeping or not.

Bettas can sleep in many different positions, including on their sides, at the bottom of the tank, and on leaves.

They have various exciting sleeping patterns; if they can find themselves makeshift beds, they could even sleep on their sides.

Do Betta Fish Like Light When They Sleep?

Betta fish need light and darkness to stay physically and mentally well. Always turn your on and off your light on schedule so your Betta fish can get used to its light schedule.

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