Great Pyrenees Dog Breed Facts and Personality Traits

All you need to know about the Great Pyrenees Dog Breeds. A complete profile on the breed information, history, personality, adaptability, food, and care, etc.,

Dog Breed Group

Working Dogs


25 to 32 inches tall at the shoulder


85 to 160 pounds

Life Span:

10 to 12 years



 France and Spain


Overall 80%
Affectionate With Family
Affectionate with Kids
Affectionate with other Dogs
Affectionate with Strangers


Overall 60%
Tolerates Being Alone
Tolerates Cold Weather
Tolerates Hot Weather
First Time Owners
For Apartment Living
Sensitivity Level

Health And Grooming

Overall 80%
General Health
Potential For Weight Gain
Breed Size
Shedding Amount
Easy To Groom
Drooling Amount


Overall 80%
Easy To Train
Intelligence Level
Level of Prey Drive
Potential For Mouthiness
Barking & Howling Level
Wanderlust Potential

Physical Needs

Overall 100%
Energy Level
Exercise Needs
Intensity Level
Potential For Playfulness

Overview of the Great Pyrenees Dog Breed:

The Great Pyrenees dogs are good at protecting the goats, people, livestock and any kind of works where they must watch and protect the things from predators. When it comes to love they pour a lot from the heart. They are affectionate and will be your loyal companion. Great Pyrenees are sportive and like to take all the responsibilities whatsoever comes in their way.

History of the Great PyreneesDog Breed:

The Great Pyrenees dog breed originates from the Pyrenees mountains- a natural border between France and Spain. In earlier days they were used by the peasants and later they were treated as the royal dogs in the king’s court of France. The world wars restricted the breeding programs of major dogs and it also affected the Great Pyrenees. The breed saw its growth aftermath of the big disasters. The dog spreads its foot into various lands and became popular.

Personality of the Great Pyrenees Dog Breed:

The Great Pyrenees dogs are very courageous but not aggressive towards familiar faces. They are calm and gentle towards their owners. They devote them a lot and love them more than they love themselves. They smartly tackle the tough situations, figuring the best move in the field. Great Pyrenees dog breed could be an excellent guard dog as they are watchful.

Feeding (Diet and Nutrition):

The Great Pyrenees dogs are generally bigger. Hence, they require more amount of food to carry on their day to day tasks. They may require 4 to 6 cups of quality rich dry food per day, which is divided into two meals per day. Make a schedule of rich nutrients and give them at regular intervals. This enriches their longevity. The Great Pyrenees are great eaters. So, feeding them enough meat and poultry makes them happy.

General Care:

The Great Pyrenees generally tests their boundary usually. They go beyond them with no fear if there are no restrictions. However, it brings more troubles when they are left free. So, fencing is a required one. Take Great Pyrenees to the training sessions when they are so young. Give them the proper attention to make them more familiar with you or else they may become stubborn. 

Common Health Problems:

Each dog breeds have certain complications when it comes to their health. They may or may not get some severe diseases. But you should be more aware of them because anything may go wrong if they are unseen. Likewise, the Great Pyrenees to have certain complications. Not all the Great Pyrenees will get these diseases. But few diseases make your doggy panic. They are as below:

  • Gastric torsion
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Patellar luxation
  • Entropion
  • Anesthesia sensitivity

Coat Color and Grooming:

The Great Pyrenees shed based on the climate. Sometimes they shed more than enough. So there are some possibilities of finding the white hairs on your clothes, furniture, or the floor. So grooming them frequently is your big task. Great Pyrenees have dual coats where the topcoat is very long and the undercoat is woolly.  Mostly they are in whites with markings of tan, gray, badger, or reddish-brown.

Size and Weight:

The Great Pyrenees is a big sized dog. They look like a giant with a firm and tall body. The male dogs are mostly around 27 to 32 inches taller in terms of height and they weigh around 100 to 160 pounds. The female ones are taller on an average of between 25 to 29 inches and they weigh around 85 to 115 pounds.