Dog Sticking Tongue Out When Sleeping

Dog Sticking Tongue Out When Sleeping

It can be fun to see your pets sleeping sometimes; this goes for dogs too! Dogs are often wholesome creatures of nature who are playful to their favorite owners, but what happens when your beloved dog starts sticking their tongue out? 

It would undoubtedly be an annoying behavior that might make you wonder if something is wrong with your dog and might make you want to call up a vet sooner than later. This article will be dealing with the topic of “why is my dog sticking its tongue out when sleeping” Keep reading below to know more!

Why is my dog sticking tongue out when sleeping

If you have noticed frequent intervals of your dog sticking its tongue out when sleeping, you will find it reassuring that your dog’s doing is completely normal.

A dog is sticking its tongue out when sleeping is a sign that the dog is relaxed and having a comfortable sleep; in fact, this behavior of pets sleeping with their tongues out has a term called ‘bleeping.’

Usually done by cats, it can also be done by other animals, given that they are experiencing some comfortable stimulation. Chances are, if your dog has a comfortable sleep with his tongue out, it will bring it back up its mouth by itself while changing position. If not, the tongue hanging out of your dog might mean something else, such as:

He might have a big tongue or a disease

While not a typical case, a dog can have a large tongue that might not fit inside their mouths. This can give birth to the condition called Hanging Tongue Syndrome, which could have your dog hanging their tongue out most of the time they are awake and might also do this while sleeping. 

Other reasons for this include a dental issue, a sort of tongue inflammation such as Glossitis that causes the tongue to be painful being kept inside the mouth, or any other mouth problem that is troubling the dog and making them stick their tongue out.

It could be any of the Medicines

If your dog recently had an injury or an illness and was prescribed a medicine by an animal vet, then it can make sense for your dog to hang their tongue out when sleeping; this can also be the case when a dog has been given an anesthetic for surgery purposes and is dozing off in all their glory with the tongue hanging out.

A dog may also hang their tongue out while sleeping if it recently had a change in the meds and is experiencing its side effects. MA dog sticking their tongue out when sleeping might just be a symptom of this. Ensure to inform the vet if your dog displays such behavior after being given a particular medicine.

Your dog is dehydrated

A dehydrated dog can often stick their tongue out to try and cool itself down. If you notice a loss of appetite along with general lethargy and dryness of the mouth and tongue in your dog, then it might mean that your dog is severely dehydrated and needs something to hydrate them.

Your dog is stressed

While usually rare, a dog could stick his tongue out when they are immensely frustrated and may develop the habit of sticking it out, even while having a peaceful sleep.

Your dog becoming older

Like it or not, any living thing on this planet will age; your dog will become older as the days and years go by. In some cases, their advancing age might make them lose their frontal teeth, which are essential for holding the tongue inside. This may make your dog’s tongue hang out as there wouldn’t be anything to hold them back and may make your dog sleep with their tongue out.

Otherwise these reasons, dogs will also stick their tongues out in the summer season as a habitual way to cool themselves off the heat and regulate their body temperature. 

In most cases, a dog will stick their tongue out in their sleep as a sign to show that they are utterly comfortable, and hence the owner shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Is there anything I can do about my dog’s hanging tongue when sleeping or awake

In most cases, external intervention is unnecessary, as your dog may just be sleeping with its tongue hanging out as a sign of pure relaxation. 

In the case of the Hanging Tongue Syndrome, you may try to make them lick ice cubes; keeping your dog’s tongue as most as possible in this case can be necessary as the constant hanging out of the dog’s tongue may make it dry and cause a cracked appearance to come over.

If your dog hangs their tongue out due to stress, you may try playing with them often and petting them on the head whenever possible to comfort them. 

If you suspect some medical condition that might make your dog stick their tongue out when sleeping, then it would be essential to call a vet.

Last but not least, weather can also affect how your dog may behave in certain situations, such as when it’s cold or boiling. A dog is far more likely to stick its tongue out when awake or to sleep in a warm temperature; a dog usually does this to cool its body temperature courtesy of the heat.

In this case, you may try out some cooling methods, such as feeding your dog ice cubes, making them swim regularly, and trying to put them in a well-air-conditioned environment if possible.

Why is my dog sticking its tongue out when sleeping? In most cases, your dog is simply trying to cool their body or having a nice dream!

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