5 Best Houseplants Safe for Cats

5 Best Houseplants Safe for Cats. https://petspalo.com/

Why cats consume houseplants sometimes? It is believed that cats eat plants to recover from stomach upset. Others believe that cats attempt to create a remedy because of nutritional deficiency.  There are some houseplants safe for cats and some are poisonous houseplants for cats. People houseplants in pots or small areas at home.  Every plant … Read more

10 Best Cats for Apartment Living

Many cats are not suitable for the living apartment, but other cats grow in homes. Cats with moderate energy levels can make a healthy living in the apartment. The energetic cats can go well if you schedule regular physical activity. If you are looking to pet a cat in your home, here is a list … Read more

10 Best Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds in 2021

10 Best hypoallergenic cat Breeds in 2021. https://petspalo.com/

The Best hypoallergenic Cat Breeds Many times, you have allergy issues with cats. You have a stronger desire to own one. The allergy fears will deprive you of having cats at home. The major cause of allergies is a glycoprotein in a cat’s saliva, dander, and urine. The Hypoallergenic cat exist for people suffering from … Read more

10 Cutest Cat Breeds Perfect for Adoption in 2021

Cats have formed an integral part of human existence for eons. The Egyptians in fact used to worship cats, and for all right reasons. The sharp eyes, strong personality, and the air of mysticism that surrounds the cats call for nothing less. In fact, there are 40-70 different living cat breeds around the world. Cats can be one of … Read more

Why do Dogs Eat Grass

Sometimes when I hang out with my pets, I have seen my pets usually one of my dogs eat grass from my garden. More often I think why do my dogs or cats eat grass and why they like that. Have you ever wondered the same with your pets while going for a walk or … Read more

Persian Cats – 10 Stunning facts

Persian Cats - 10 Stunning facts. www.petspalo.com

Persian Cats are without a doubt, most popular for their level appearances, enormous eyes, and long, lavish coats, yet there’s substantially more to these pretty kitties than just looks. From their fascinating—and to some degree secretive—starting points to the hereditary switch up that added to their acclaimed level faces, harking back to the 1950s, there’s … Read more

How to Get a Stray Cat to Trust You


Cats are independent. Particularly the female cats. Gaining a cat trust is one of the most impossible tasks for the cat owner. All the animals have their own little personalities like the way humans do. Cats are always boss in their world. You have to nurture this animal to bring the trust of people through … Read more