Can Dogs Eat Popcorn

Can Cats Eat Popcorn

Often at nights, you may just be watching a movie while having a soda along with popping up those salty and fluffy popcorns right down your gullet.

But guess what? Your “fluffy” and friendly dog will come up to you, licking your face all over and yelping to have you play with them and all sorts of stuff for attention.

Your dog may even try to chomp down on your popcorn as you are quietly chewing them up, not knowing what sort of popcorn it is. It could affect them in a bad way, but guess what?

You may be overwhelmed with the sensation of having a companion to share your popcorn with on a cold and dark night. Hence the result would be you just flicking popcorn in style and your dog catching it in a swipe.

But have you ever wondered just how wrong things could go if you are not careful about what sort of popcorn you are sharing with your dog?

The question is, can dogs eat popcorn without falling ill?

Types of Popcorn to Share with your Dog

If the popcorn is unsalted, plain and air-popped, then there won’t be any sort of harm with passing the treat with your cute friend.

If you are the type to splatter your popcorn with all sorts of horrifying delights such as butter, salt, sugar and any other sort of outrageous elements.

You could possibly give your dog a bad case of food poisoning, these will result in bad side effects such as diarrhea (prepare for a night of nightmares) or dehydration (courtesy of salt).

What can I do to keep my Dog safe from Popcorns

This shouldn’t be a question at all, the simple fact has already been explained, keep your popcorn unsalted and without any sort of toppings.

This way you will be able to give your dog a healthy treat whenever they feel like taking it, otherwise, you may just doom your dog to a case of bad stomach and all sorts of illnesses at your own expense.

You could even cause obesity for the dogs if you start feeding them butter filled popcorns without trying to moderate the intake. 

The problem obviously lies with the fact that most people prefer eating popcorns with all sorts of delights garnished on top of them, and most might be unaware of the effects of feeding this sort of popcorn straight to their dog. 

But if you are sharing your air-popped, unsalted and overall plain popcorn, then that could be slightly beneficial for your dog as they could contain bits of vitamin, minerals and all sorts of stuff important for a dog’s nutrition.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn Kernels

No, you cannot feed Popcorn Kernels to your Dogs, partially popped or whole kernels are never good to share with your dogs as they are hard enough to just get stuck on their teeth and cause an emergency by getting stuck in their throats if they are able to somehow swallow the kernel.

It is in the best interest of your dog to keep the popcorn kernels away from them as far as possible.

Even if you have an air-popped popcorn, the kernels will still be hard enough for your dog to actually chew on them, at best it would result in damage to their teeth or the aforementioned choking hazard that it could cause.

Can dogs eat popcorn, There are many variables to this, they can eat popcorn if you are careful with giving it to them, that is the most important part.

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