Can Dogs Eat Olives

Can Dogs Eat Olives

Can dogs eat Olives, Yes Olives is good for dog health. But if you maintain a proper diet for your dog, they may not need the additional nutrients from the olives. Olives contain minerals, full healthy fats, proteins and several vitamins. If you do want to feed your dog Olives, then giving plain olives without adding salt can be quite a healthy snack.

Too many Olives in your dog’s meal can add up to calories that your dog does not need in their diet. Naturally olives does not contain any harmful ingredients, but the Olive pits can be toxic to your dogs. Your dogs may choke the Olive pits or obstruct their digestive and respiratory tract. Olive pits can also block your dog’s airways and remain in your puppy’s intestines or it can crack your puppies tooth.

Giving your dog the plain and pitted olives do not often cause any problems for your dogs. Nevertheless, pickled olives or canned ones often contain higher amounts of sodium which is quite unhealthy for your dogs, it can harm your dogs or cause dehydration. 

Benefits giving Olives to your dogs:

  • Olives contain large amounts of antioxidants, which reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
  • May help in preventing strokes and protect against heart diseases.
So, Can dogs eat Olives? Yes, Olives are not toxic and safe for your dogs to eat.

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