Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows

Would your dogs a marshmallow if he looks at you with those pleading eyes, telling you to give them that sugar-filled treat. But before Can dogs eat Marshmallows, well continue read this article to find out.

Of course, anything that is too tasty, with near to no nutritional properties is generally seen to be rather delectable. This is the most prevalent case for various junk foods.

But that brings us to the point of giving a marshmallow to your dog, can dogs eat marshmallows. Are you sure that you know all about what marshmallows are and whether they are safe specifically for your dog or not? Let us find out in this article.

Can dogs Eat Marshmallows - What are they?

Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows

Marshmallows are basically confectionaries filled with heavy amounts of sugar and coated with corn starch. The health benefits of Marshmallows are actually not as much due to their rather sugary content, but they still could have some advantages for you.

Especially since marshmallows are low in calorie and fat content, which would be good for someone who is on a diet and looking to eat a tasty treat, most marshmallows are gluten-free, which makes them edible for someone who is gluten intolerant.

Besides there, there are no real absolute health benefits since the nutritional values are almost nil.

Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows

The answer is both yes and no, as has been emphasized before, Marshmallows are high in sugar. This makes them rather undesirable to eat for longer periods of time for even a human.

 For a dog, feeding them marshmallows would be equivalent to giving them poison, the carbohydrates that come from the sugar in the marshmallows could affect dogs badly, giving them food poisoning or worse, diarrhea.

Now, you might be thinking of giving your dog a sugar-free Marshmallow, don’t.

Sugar-free Marshmallows can be more harmful to a dog due to the compound they have, “xylitol”. This compound is especially dangerous for dogs as they actually promote liver problems and could be potentially fatal.

So, be sure to never give your dog a sugar-free marshmallow in the misunderstood hope that you are feeding them something tasty and healthy. Stay with a sugary marshmallow if you have to give it to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows – How many is safe?

To be precise, giving your dog 1 or 2 marshmallows once in a while wouldn’t hurt as long as it is not sugar-free and there are no other types of modifications to it.

But remember, too many marshmallows will have a debilitating effect on your dog, so give it to them as a treat rather than proper food. With that, you will be good and your dog will also love the rather tasty and sweet treat.

Can dogs eat marshmallows? They certainly can in small amounts, but that’s it, too much and it will be bad for your dog.

Make sure to also consult your veterinarian in case your dog experiences some sort of problem after eating the marshmallow.

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