Can Chameleons Eat Strawberries What Are the Benefits

Can Chameleons Eat Strawberries What Are the Benefits

People with chameleons should feed them different fruits because they are high in fibre, which helps them digest. 

You may want to provide them strawberries, in particular, because it may help keep your chameleons’ triglyceride and cholesterol levels in check. 

Besides, strawberries have potassium and flavonoids, which may help your pet’s blood pressure.

Can Chameleons Eat Strawberries?

Yes! It is OK for Chameleons to have strawberries in moderation if they don’t eat too many. Please make sure that strawberries are a small part of your Chameleon’s diet, not the whole thing they eat!

Chameleons are known to eat bugs in general, but it doesn’t stop them from eating strawberries from time to time. The nutritional value of strawberries to chameleons is about the same as peaches.

Strawberries are very acidic and mostly made of sugar and water, so they are healthy enough for your chameleons. It would be best to feed them only small amounts of strawberries because of their high acidity. 

So Can chameleons eat strawberries? Yes, but even though chameleons are carnivores, some species, like the veiled chameleon, have been seen to eat fruits and vegetables from time to time. 

Chameleons may get vitamins, minerals, and moisture from these plants. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, keep in mind that chameleons may not like them very much. 

A piece of fruit is better than leafy greens in terms of nutrition. Make sure that you are giving chameleons small amounts of fruit and vegetables.

If the strawberry is fresh and clean, your veiled Chameleons can eat it. When you give your veiled chameleon a strawberry, remove the seeds first, and it will be able to keep eating the strawberry without getting the seeds stuck in its digestive tract.

Make sure you give them strawberries on a day when they haven’t eaten any bugs. This means that they will stay healthy but not become too dependent on strawberries for their food.

Check out this article to know the List of Worms, Insects and Fruits Chameleons can eat Chameleons can eat.

Reasons Why Can Chameleons Eat Strawberries

After knowing the answer to Can chameleons eat strawberries, you must know why you should do that. Give your chameleon a few strawberries to help their bodies repair from time to time. 

A lot of Vitamin C is found in strawberries. This helps wounds heal, collagen to made, and the health of their teeth, body, and bones, to name a few of the benefits.

If your chameleon likes strawberries, they’re low in calories, which makes them more accessible for him to eat. As a result, it helps digest carbohydrates more, keeps blood sugar levels stable, and has more than 3 grams of fibre.

Strawberries can be an excellent source to provide magnesium, vitamin D, and calcium in your pet’s diet. 

If you don’t feed them enough magnesium-filled food, your chameleon’s bones may become weak. Vitamin D and calcium are essential for bone density and health too.


It isn’t unusual to see a chameleon eat a piece of fruit in the wild, but strawberries can be a good choice for pet chameleons. Strawberries are high in nutrition and can help your pet chameleons to stay healthy.

So we hope that now you will never ask if can chameleons eat strawberries. Most of them enjoy the taste of sweet strawberries and love to eat them now and then. Please keep the number of strawberries you feed them in check, and you are good to go.

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