Can Chameleons Eat Earthworms, Everything You Need to Know

Can Chameleons Eat Earthworms, Everything You Need to Know

Can chameleons eat earthworms? This question must come to the mind of chameleon owners looking to feed their pets good quality protein to keep them fat and healthy. The most important thing to look out for when feeding a chameleon is what you are feeding them and how much precisely; anything that is overfed will have negative consequences of extreme proportions.

This article will deal with whether chameleons can eat earthworms and if they are safe to consume without experiencing toxicity. Keep reading below to know more!

Can Chameleons eat earthworms?

Can chameleons eat earthworms? Yes, earthworms are safe for chameleons and can acquire enough protein by feeding on such.

Earthworms are filled with nutrition such as calcium, which is especially important for a chameleon, and iron and carbohydrates, which the earthworms have in reasonable amounts.

Earthworms are generally one of the good ways to keep your chameleon hydrated and ensure they get the nutrients they need; earthworms are also packed with amino acids such as lysine and methionine, which respectively help with calcium requirements along with skin health and overall tone.

Earthworms are also suitable for juvenile chameleons as they mainly require reasonable amounts of protein when growing up, which the earthworms provide in full.

The only rule that should be followed when feeding either a juvenile chameleon or an adult one is to make sure the earthworm is not more significant than the space between the eyes of the chameleon.

But one thing any chameleon owner should look out for is from which source they are feeding the earthworm to their chameleon, as some earthworms might have gapeworms in them, which can attach themselves to the host body and cause extreme respiratory distress.

Earthworms also have a relatively dense texture and skin; hence the bigger earthworms might be a slight choking hazard for chameleons, especially the juvenile ones.

Can chameleons eat earthworms? Yes, they can; you need to ensure you are feeding them rinsed earthworms and only doing so as a treat, more or less, rather than including it as an everyday diet.

Check out this article to know the List of Worms, Insects, and Fruits Chameleons can eat.

Do chameleons eat regular worms?

While you may know whether chameleons can eat earthworms, you might still be wondering if chameleons can eat regular worms at all or if they might be toxic. Suffice it to say; chameleons can eat regular worms without much harm, only if they are rinsed thoroughly and not infested with parasites.

In general, chameleons can eat the following:

  • Mealworms
  • Silkworms
  • Buffalo worms
  • Butter worms
  • Wax worms

Besides these, some species of chameleon, such as the Veiled Chameleon, may eat vegetables such as pumpkin and sweet potatoes and like them enthusiastically.

How many worms should I feed my chameleon?

As worms are mainly considered to be ‘treat’ items for chameleons, a single one per week or twice is best, but 3-4 worms can also be fed to chameleons provided they are free of parasites and are brought from well-known bait stores or online shops.

Feeding in excess will most often result in the chameleon experiencing symptoms such as obesity, upset stomach, kidney disease, and even death in extreme cases of overfeeding.

Hence if you are feeding your chameleon some good ol’ worms such as mealworms or earthworms, then feeding them in moderation is essential.


Can chameleons eat earthworms? Yes, chameleons can safely eat earthworms as long as they are properly rinsed and are bought from a bait store or garden supply stores which are good in reputation.

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