Can Cats Eat Pepperoni

Pepperoni, basically, the American version of Salami has seen its way to homes to with it’s now synonymously known companion, Pizza.

Pepperoni is a topping that can only be described as one of the juiciest sausages that would simply send you to an entirely different world the moment it comes to your taste buds.

Now imagine something, what would you do if your cat was also interested in eating a pepperoni? Would you go ahead and give your cat a tasty treat? This article will deal with the question of whether can cats eat pepperoni or not.

Can Cats Eat Pepperoni – Are they safe?

It may be a given fact, that pepperoni would be safe for cats to consume given that they are obligate carnivores who derive their nutrients from meat, and pepperoni is composed of meat.

The answer to that question is, no. You might be able to give pepperoni to your cat as an occasional treat. But trying to feed them pepperoni as a regular diet is a bad idea.

Especially so due to the ingredients and preservatives added to it. Salt is considered to be harmful to cats and pepperoni is rich in salt.

Even so, giving out a small slice or two as a treat wouldn’t hurt for your cat, but keep it at that. Increasing the frequency of giving out pepperoni to your cat could result in horrifically disastrous consequences.

Can Cats Eat Pepperoni – Why Pepperoni Bad for Cats?

As said before, pepperoni contains various ingredients and preservatives that would be considered to be extreme for a cat.

Pepperonis are high in sodium, consuming too much pepperoni could result in salt poisoning, this will be shown by the cat in the form of constant vomiting and having extreme bouts of diarrhea.

Essentially, consuming too much pepperoni could result in the consumption of salt, and that could cause a serious condition bad enough to cause even death.

Pepperoni contains nitrates, these are preservatives used for keeping the pepperoni fresh and safe from bacteria.

Nitrates are considered to be harmful to cats and consuming too much pepperoni could result in the cat acquiring nitrate poisoning which is characterized by tremors and weight loss.

That is when not mentioning the fact that pepperoni, true to the name, is filled with all sorts of spices to make it tastier, this includes black pepper and garlic.

Garlic in itself could cause your cats all sorts of problems including the build-up of gas in the stomach and other intestinal issues along with it.

These are just the beginning of the long-running list of how much wrong there is with feeding your cat pepperoni without any form of moderation.

How much Can Cats Eat Pepperoni

Pepperoni in simple terms should be fed as little as possible to your cat, it won’t hurt to not give them pepperoni at all since they will mostly affect your cat negatively, your cat might just get some nutrients due to pepperoni being a meat product as they carnivores after all.

But the risks severely outweigh the benefits. Therefore, if you are intending on turning pepperoni into a regular diet for your cat based on misconceptions and the fact that pepperoni is “tasty”, don’t.

If your cat is somehow intent on eating a slice of pepperoni, it wouldn’t hurt to give it to them, only a small slice once a month if even at all. Also, if you are still unsure, just consult your veterinarian to get their opinion on the conundrum you are facing.  

And there you have it, can cats eat pepperoni?  Not a good idea. But if your cat has somehow gotten a taste for pepperoni based on them feeding on it a bit at some point in their lives, then you will just have your cat deal with not receiving everything in life.

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