Can Cats Eat French Fries

Can Cats Eat French Fries

French Fries are always tasty and salty, enough to leave you licking your “fingers” after eating them. But what happens when your cat decides to rain on your parade and wants a share of the fries you have? Would giving your cat some French fries be safe enough? Let us discuss that in detail.

The smooth crispiness that is French fries could be enough to leave people captivated by them. The gloriously roasted potatoes go with nearly everything, from being a daily snack to a topping for a specific dish you are eating.

Can Cats Eat French Fries - Are They Safe?

Can cats eat French fries, then? The answer to that question will be no. Cats are generally obligate carnivores, and French fries are anything but an animal product.

French fries are not made for cats to be eaten; they contain various ingredients that are more or less toxic to your cat and could even be fatal if fed in large amounts.

An occasional treat could work, but that is when your cat is bugging you for a bite out of the French fries.

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Can Cats Eat French Fries – Why They Shouldn’t Be Fed

For humans, French fries aren’t known for their superb nutritional value. On the contrary, even for humans, French fries are supposed to be a one-off treat rather than something to be taken with every food.

While made from potatoes, French fries contain vast amounts of calories and are an excellent way to gain weight over a few days if one keeps eating them daily. French fries come under the category of “junk” foods to eat.

Now imagine your cat eating the same thing as you do. They have barely any health benefits in them other than their weight-gaining properties. What would happen to some? Not some pleasant, if we are being honest.  

French fries are especially a concern for your cat if you are feeding them that, as the salt content of the fries is high.

Feeding your cat those fries could result in your cat acquiring salt poisoning characterized by tremors and vomiting accompanied by death if left untreated. So French fries are something you should try to avoid feeding your cat.

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Can Cats Eat French Fries – If Fed At All, How Much?

If your Cat is dead-set on eating that tasty-looking French fry, you will probably have to give the piece to your furry buddy. French fries are also oily, which won’t be suitable for your Cat.

On the flip side, your Cat can still eat some French fries, given that you are feeding them in moderation, giving out a few pieces once a week or two, and making sure that the fries are adequately cooked, along with having no extra garnishes on top of it.

Make sure not to give your Cat ketchup-dipped French fry, as Ketchup is considered lethal for cats even when given in small doses as they contain ingredients unsuitable for a cat.

Now, it is a given that cats are carnivores. They won’t be able to process any nutrients from the French fries nor be able to digest them properly if given in large amounts since they are not meat.

In simple terms, French fries in all shapes and forms are bad for your Cat; even giving them as a treat should be done with precaution as to whether they are cooked or not and if they have extra spicy ingredients.

So, take the easier way out and convince your Cat not to eat that tasty-looking French fry.

And this is the answer to your query, can cats eat French fries? Not really. It is best to avoid feeding that to them altogether.

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