Can Cats Eat Corn

Can Cats Eat Corn

Corns always make their way into the regular diet of many; they are considered healthy enough to be taken every day. As corns are whole grain food, they are always flexible enough to be used for various cooking purposes.

On the other hand, cats are naturally curious creatures; looking at something like corn will certainly pique their interest.

Can cats eat corn? That is the question one should ask before serving their cat a piece of corn. This article will specifically deal with that matter and explain why corns should be taken or not.

Can Cats Eat Corn – is it safe?

In short, yes. Cats certainly can eat corn. But don’t expect corn to give your cat any nutritional benefit in the long run.

On the contrary, feed your cat too much of even the kernels of the corn, and they will experience digestive issues such as stomach gas and, eventually, diarrhea.

So it is essential to keep the amount of corn feed to your cat in absolute moderation, one slip, and your cat might try to consume the entirety of the corn and readily suffer its side effects.

Can Cats Eat Corn –Can corn benefit Cats?

Corns are often hailed as healthy snacks as the proteins and fibers they include help in weight loss and gaining some good energy.

But the fact remains that no matter how much corn your cat is fed or whether they are included in store-bought cat food products, corn will not benefit your cat from being consumed.

The reason for that is simple; cats are obligate carnivores; they are not meant to consume plant matter or grain foods; they can only consume animal foods that contain meat.

Consumption of meat is the only way for cats to get any nutrients and be able to digest the food.

How much Can Cats Eat Corn

Corns, as said before, aren’t harmful to eat once in a while for your cat. Do take care to feed your cat the corn in moderation and ensure that the corn is plain.

Feeding them other varieties of corn, such as sweet corn, would result in unexpected effects and most likely trouble for your cat.  

You could feed your cat a bit of corn for their excellent behavior once a week. Don’t include corn in their diet, as it would be fruitless to do so since cats can’t acquire any beneficial nutrients from non-animal products.

Can Cats Eat Corn – Does corn create allergic reactions?

Suppose your cat is sick in any form, diabetic, or otherwise suffering from gluten intolerance(corn does not include gluten, but just in case). In that case, you should always contact your veterinarian before feeding your cat corn.

If the worst-case scenario happens and your cat suffers a debilitating allergic reaction after feeding on corn, then the treatment will be a serious matter.

So take care to get your cat checked up by your vet before feeding them corn and any products related to corn.

So, can cats eat corn? They certainly can; they won’t benefit as much from it and might even gain a bit of weight on the contrary instead.

Always feed your cat in moderation and in your presence to maintain the strict rules; too much of anything can always be toxic.


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