Can Cats Eat Asparagus

Can Cats Eat Asparagus

The question that comes is, can cats eat asparagus? Can you give one to your cat without poisoning them? These queries will be dealt with in this article in complete detail.

Asparagus probably might be one of the rarer vegetables for you, considering how broccoli and other vegetables like it are more prominent.

Asparagus in itself is a rather unique vegetable with good amounts of health benefits and a rather strong taste, your cat may even be directly attracted to this sort of vegetable due to the rather curious nature of the vegetable.

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Can Cats Eat Asparagus - is it safe?

Simple answer, yes. Asparagus is relatively safe for your cat to eat. The only thing you have to is that asparagus is not going to provide your cat with any sort of nutrients or a big health benefit, this is due to how cat’s body works.

Cats are naturally obligate carnivores, therefore they are meant to only process and digest animal meat.

Any attempt to eat plants or any vegetable will result in those not being digested and harming the cat in the long run. Some plants do still can give your cat a few health benefits such as asparagus, but they are not as prominent.

Can Cats Eat Asparagus- How is asparagus beneficial?

Asparagus is one of the excellent sources of Vitamin K, which is essential for bone health. Not only that, asparagus has antioxidants in it to help out with protecting cells from free radicals damage, resulting in reduced cancer risk.

The dietary fibers in asparagus improve the digestion process immensely, resulting in a better bowel movement. Asparagus is also good for those with high blood pressure as it is known to reduce high blood pressure levels, improving heart health.

These benefits are but only a few listed out from asparagus. Those looking to lose weight will also benefit from including asparagus in their diet.  Unfortunately, cats are only able to acquire a few of the benefits from these vegetables.

Can Cats Eat Asparagus- How much Asparagus to Feed

Due to cats being carnivores, it is not advisable to feed them asparagus in large amounts, it is advised to feed them small pieces of the asparagus that are preferably cooked. 

Make sure that you have not garnished the asparagus with seasonings such as salt or any other type of spices, doing that will result in an unexpected problem for your cats. In worse case scenarios, you could risk giving your cat a urinary tract infection if you feed them too much of asparagus as the amount of alkaline is rather concentrated in them.

Also, try not to include asparagus as a regular diet for your cat or change their normal diet of meat to a vegetable-based one, as cats derive any sort of nutrients from animal products only, replacing their normal diet would result in several complications including a compromised immune system.

Can Cats Eat Asparagus – is asparagus completely safe?

As long as you are feeding your cat those asparagus in moderation, they will of course be safe. Do remember the fact that the alkaline found in asparagus certainly could be a little bit problematic for your cat.

It is advised for this very reason for you to contact your local vet before feeding your cat any sort of vegetable including asparagus.

There could be several variables involved including how healthy your cat is exactly to see whether they are capable of eating a small amount of asparagus or not.

Can cats eat asparagus? As a treat, they certainly can. Feeding asparagus as a regular diet for your cat wouldn’t work.


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