5 Best Houseplants Safe for Cats

Why cats consume houseplants sometimes? It is believed that cats eat plants to recover from stomach upset. Others believe that cats attempt to create a remedy because of nutritional deficiency. There are some houseplants safe for cats and some are poisonous houseplants for cats

People houseplants in pots or small areas at home. Every plant has different requirements for growth, some require more sunlight while others need more water. 

Houseplants can be toxic or beneficial to cats. Here are the top 5 houseplants safe for cats.

01 Orchids

5 Best Houseplants Safe for Cats. https://petspalo.com/

Are orchids poisonous to cats? No, If you prefer orchids at your home, you can grow them as Orchids are Cat safe house plants.

Beautiful Orchids flowers bloom for the weeks in the winter. Orchids come in different dynamic colors and species; they are available in the market.

There should not be direct sun rays passing through orchids and require less water to grow.

Orchids are the best houseplants for cats, need less space in the living apartment, but they grow tall. This make Orchids are one of the best and safe houseplant for the Cats.

02 African Violets

5 Best Houseplants Safe for Cats. https://petspalo.com/

Are spider plants poisonous to Cats? No. African Violets are one of the most well-known houseplants, they can bloom in low light. This require average humidity and moderate temperature.

African Violets are demanded by the people because of environmental requirements. This flower exists in different shaped leaves and they occupy a brief space at home.

African Violets, small purple or pink flowers are Cat safe house plants and are inexpensive.

03 Spider Plants

5 Best Houseplants Safe for Cats. https://petspalo.com/

Are spider plants poisonous to cats? No. Spider plants are also known as airplane or ribbon plants, these plants are not toxic to cats.

Spider houseplants safe for cats are popular in the world for their appendages.They have tolerance towards moisture, soil conditions, and range of light.

Spider plants can be hanged at tables or showcase in houses. If your cat tries to fiddle with it, they are safe for your pets.

04 Boston Ferns

5 Best Houseplants Safe for Cats. https://petspalo.com/

Are Boston ferns poisonous to Cats? No.  Boston ferns are popular and the favorite enduring houseplants of the owners.

The shaggy fronds in Boston Ferns attract the attention of cats to chew them. It is a common houseplant that is available in garden centres and other market stores.

Boston Ferns houseplants safe for cats and requires bright light and humidity for the growth and survival.

Many times, the cat may eat Boston fern as they are not toxic to them. The spring of these plants requires re-potting, it is essential to keep cats happy.

05 Polka Dot Plants

5 Best Houseplants Safe for Cats. https://petspalo.com/

Are Polka Dot poisonous to Cats? No. Polka Dot Plant is a beautiful combination of pink, red and green. These houseplants are splashed foliage of Hypoesthesia Phyllostachys.

Polka Dot Plant needs a perfect condition to trigger ideal blooming. The vibrant color of leaves with patterns makes them unique for homes.

Polka Dot houseplants safe for cats and requires bright sunlight in the living apartments with cats. The lack of light affects the classic patterned leaves at home.

The sensitive pet may experience mild digestive issues, they are consumed in larger quantities. Hence, it is okay if cats only consume leaves within a limit.

We deeply love houseplants and cats in the home environment, but some are toxic to them. The consumption of particular plants by them can lead to tremors, seizures, and other problems.

Even the well-disciplined pets have a bite of the houseplants. The above article will be beneficial to avoid your worry. This is your guide to select the best non-toxic houseplants at home with cats.

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